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  1. -Westwood, Los Angeles cat owners, keep your furry friend inside and alive!

    -The faces of The Facebook mounted a campaign to save a ‘Gay Dog‘ from being put down by a Tennessee kill shelter. Gawker covered the story and the dog was rescued! Yay!

    -Want to know your state’s animal-related laws and their penalties? The ASPCA has made it easy!

    -The European Union is set to ban animal testing for cosmetics forever!

    -Will 2013 be the year of ag-gag bills? Our old compatriot Susie Cagle thinks so.

    Arizona lawmaker seeks ban on awarding live animals as carnival prizes. And he’s a Republican!

    -“Going Vegan in the NFL” has zero mention of ethics. Do any of these guys care about the leather they’re fumbling?

    -Gross. Professional athletes are spraying deer antler velvet into their mouths to stimulate muscle growth. Ew, also.

    -Dust off those passports and book your tickets: the biggest vegan festival in the world is coming to London this October! 

    -Or, if you’re not up for international travels, here’s the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival lineup for 2013, and there’s more to come! How soon is March again?

  2. Crafts for sale at the Royal Caribbean International private beach. Photo by flickr user lotopspin.

    Crafts for sale at the Royal Caribbean International private beach. Photo by flickr user lotopspin.

    It’s easy to argue that bloodsports are no worse for animals than eating meat is, but they’re a hell of a lot more brazen.

    NPR’s got a big story about how money for helping Haiti’s animals in the post-quake charity outbreak.

  3. I'd bite too if this guy were dragging me out of bed.

    I’d bite too if this guy were dragging me out of bed.

  4. The cover star is Sweet Jasmine, a pitbull rescued from Michael Vick's property.

    The cover star is Sweet Jasmine, a pitbull rescued from Michael Vick’s property.

    I don’t normally read Sports Illustrated but had to pick up the December 29, 2008 issue as the cover story was about the pitbulls rescued from Michael Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels.

    I’ve been debating the issue of Michael Vick’s case with a sportswriter whose book I represent. His argument is that Vick was the victim of the inherent racism in the media. I countered that there are certainly victims in Vick’s case, but According to another sportswriter, Robert Lipsyte, “Somewhere between Jackie Robinson and Michael Vick, things got all fouled up. ‘Street cred’ became the anthem of the modern black athlete, this misguided notion that the only way to appeal to the young demographic of the sneaker-buying public was to adopt the negative attitudes of the thug life popularized by black hip-hop/gangster rappers. Vick…got hijacked, and we all let it happen. We let it happen by passively condoning this mess.”

    As quoted in SI article, Donna Reynolds, the executive director of BAD RAP (Bay Area Doglovers Responsible About Pitbulls) said, “Vick showed the worst of us, our bloodlust, but this rescue showed the best. I don’t think any of us thought it was possible to save these dogs—the government, the rescuers, the regular people—but we surprised ourselves.”

    The article raises a difficult question about whether pit bulls trained for fighting can, and should, be rehabilitated; SI‘s writer, Jim Gorant poses the question “Was it worth the time and effort to save these 47 dogs when millions languish in shelters?”

    According to PETA spokesman Dan Shannon, “The cruelty they’ve suffered is such that they can’t lead what anyone who loves dogs would consider a normal life. We feel it’s better that they have their suffering ended once and for all.” The SI article notes that The Humane Society of the U.S. also took the position that Vick’s pit bulls, like all dogs saved from fight rings, were beyond rehabilitation and that trying to save them was a misappropriation of time and money.

    Considering how many animals out there on the streets and in shelters are in need of good homes, it isn’t too hard to understand the position these groups take. But in reading about Sweet Jasmine, Zippy, Jonny Justice, Leo, Lucas and Sweet Pea, I couldn’t help feeling that these dogs deserved a chance at a better life than what Vick and his accomplices had planned for them as fighters tearing each other up in the ring or being used as bait for training.

    Care to discuss your thoughts?