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  1. I have new respect for hippies.

    I have new respect for hippies.

    At least once a week, PETA cranks out pictures of their protesters wrapped in clingwrap, parading naked, locked in cages, dressed as animals, and various combinations thereof. I’ve become pretty inured to this stuff, but I’m sure it does its job of drawing attention from the general public. Now they’ve bumped it to the next level and it’s pretty impressive.

    In San Diego yesterday, a bunch of PETAneers demonstrated the savagery of line-fishing by sticking massive hooks through their flesh and dangling from a scaffold. I’m not sure any of them actually got hoisted by hook, and they still weren’t able to resist the bodypaint and faux fish scales, but still. Yuck, ouch, wow, etc.

  2. Scott Cary leads the team to victory.

    Scott Cary leads the team to victory.

    You remember the vegan firemen, right? Well, Sergeant Scott Cary, head of the Austin Police Department Running Team, as well as their official “peer-to-peer counselor coordinator” and “wellness sergeant” (it’s a hippie town, huh?), is a vegan, too.

    Cary is profiled in the “Fit City” section of the Austin American Statesman this week. He originally gave up meat for health reasons, and the article focuses on him turning his own health around and helping fellow cops do the same. As he says, “the days of coffee and doughnuts are over. [Now] it’s a latte with soy milk and a bagel.”

  3. I spotted this ad on a bus shelter the other day. The text reads

    I spotted this ad on a bus shelter the other day. The text reads “A Vegan Did Not Choose Green.” More background here or here.

  4. A cockfighting gaff.

    A cockfighting gaff.

    On Tuesday night the Senate unanimously passed the Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act, which makes it a felony to transport an animal across state or nation borders for animal fighting; it also prohibits inter-state and national commerce in weapons used for cockfighting. The House passed the same bill a few weeks ago, and it’s expected that Bush will sign it into law.

    In related news, Louisiana, last outpost of cockfighting, is kind of maybe sort of thinking of banning the grisly “sport” as well. Governor Kathleen Blanco and others on Capitol Hill want cockfighting banned, though some politicians just want to co-opt the matches and tax them, to create a financial (blood-soaked) “life jacket” to help victims of Hurricane Katrina.