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Category Archive: Sports & Fitness

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  1. Salim Stoudamire chows down.

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution recently published an interview with Atlanta Hawks guard Salim Stoudamire, all about his veganism.

    In the macho world of pro-basketball this seems like a pretty big deal, and it’s a brave move on his part: “I finally reached a point where I just didn’t care what other people thought, and I didn’t have a problem with eating alone.” While Stoudamire doesn’t “think you should eat something that had a mother,” he seems glad that the NBA returned to using a leather ball. Hopefully Salim will extend his respect for “things” that had mothers beyond food!

  2. A NH Greyhound in his Kennel

    A NH Greyhound in his Kennel

    Last week, New Hampshire’s House voted, 198-138, against a bill that would have shut down live racing at its three greyhound race tracks. Rep. Fran Wendelboe, a supporter of the ban, said, “A dog is man’s best friend, and I don’t think we should be making profit off their sacrifice and their hard life when we don’t have to.”

    Then there’s the abuse documented by Grey2k USA and its Vote for the Dogs project, which includes a steathily-filmed slideshow of dogs at the NH tracks, stories of the 700+ dogs seriously injured in two years, and documentation of abuse of dogs by track employees. Nevertheless, legislators failed to see the urgent nature of this issue, claiming they didn’t want to shut down the tracks because that would be bad for the dogs (by creating a glut) and the employees of the tracks. As the proud mom of two retired racers, I wrote to Rep. Anne-Marie Irwin (D!), who has a dog and voted against the ban, and suggested she broaden her circle of compassion to dogs other than her own. Check out her response.

  3. Dodger Dogs

    Last time I was in Toronto, I bought a veggie dog or ten from a regular ol’ street vendor for a toonie. Call me simple, but it brought me enormous joy to purchase street unmeats, right there on the sidewalk. Well Angelenos, follow my step-by-step guide and, you too, can buy your very own Not Dog:

    1. Buy a ticket to a Dodger game.
    2. Pay ($15-35) to park your car at Dodger Stadium.
    3. Traverse the appx. 30 minute obstacle course to actually park your car.
    4. Find your way to the concession stand at Level 7, Section 3-5.
    5. If attendance is low, and the Level 7, Section 3-5 stand is closed, don’t give up. Put some hustle in it and go over to Reserved Aisle 24. They should have them.
    6. Pay $6 for a Lightlife Smart Jumbo Dog on a Bimbo Bakery bun.
    7. Consume in three bites.
    8. Repeat steps 6, 7.
    9. Get back in your car.
    10. Make your way out of the parking lot–this may take upwards of an hour.
    11. Stop at Ralphs and buy a package of Lightlife Smart Jumbo Dogs for $3.
    12. If it’s Thursday, head to Vegan Pot-Luck Happy Hour at The Short Stop and tip Julie one of your pups and a toonie.
  4. The effort to ban cockfighting in New Mexico has ended, and the gamecocks (roosters) have emerged victorious. As of June 15, New Mexico will join 48 other states in banning the bloodsport, where two roosters fitted with razor-sharp steel blades are placed in a pit and hack each other for several minutes to over a half hour, to the death of one or both. People bet on the outcome of the fights, and apparently think they’re entertaining.

    Naturally, those who run cockfighting (the New Mexico Game Fowl Association) are upset. Ronald Barron, the president of the Association, noted that the ban is “damn near ruining [his] life.” He rather creepily added, “This isn’t a business. It’s my pleasure. It’s my right, or rather it was my right.”

    Kudos to New Mexico for taking away people’s rights! All eyes are now on Louisiana, to see if that last bastion of cockfighting will hold up.

  5. Next Saturday, Lourdes Canas-Jovel and Anthony Acock will host the first-ever vegan cupcake eating contest in New Haven, CT to celebrate the release of their cookbook, Little Vegan Monsters. Competitive eaters will have to devour as many delicious frosted cupcakes as possible in 5 minutes. (Sure, gorging on sweets sounds like fun now, but wait until your hair is in the toilet.) Folks undeterred by the pukey pitfalls of competitive eating are encouraged to sign up by Tuesday, March 20. There are now two spots left.

    If you prefer to pace yourself as you enjoy vegan goodies, come anyway to cheer on the gluttons and slowly savor a cupcake or ten.

    The details: Saturday, March 24 at Noon. Fuel Coffee Shop, 516 Chapel Street, New Haven, CT. Free, but donations to Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary are encouraged. More info: Visit, email Lourdes, or call (203)745-5806.