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Category Archive: Squirrels

Here are all the SuperVegan blog posts categorized under Squirrels. XML

  1. Squirrel: 1, Arsenal and Villarreal: 0

    Squirrel: 1, Arsenal and Villarreal: 0

    One particularly sporty London squirrel made his way all the way to the Champions League soccer semi-finals first leg game between Arsenal and Villarreal. According to The Courier-Mail News, a grey-squirrel jumped out of the stands and hopped about the field for 15 minutes (avoiding players’ attempts to tackle him). The critter then leaped, unfettered, into his crowd of cheering fans.

    This cool squirrel’s drunken frat-boy antics won him a spot on today’s BBC News photo slideshow (see number 3). If you look closely, you’ll notice that the grey squirrel is holding a banner that reads: “Eff you, Lord Inglewood!”.

  2. Does Squirrel Nutkin really want you to eat his cousins?

    Does Squirrel Nutkin really want you to eat his cousins?

    Vegan Porn tipped us off to the latest squirrel news. It seems that the red squirrel population in the UK is now at an all time low of 160,000. In contrast, the population of the imported American grey squirrel is 2 million. Lord Inglewood is now encouraging people to eat the foreign greys in the hopes of saving native reds. Though Lord Inglewood admits that he’s never actually eaten a squirrel, he’s willing to develop a palate for the cute critters in the name of patriotic alliance with Beatrix Potter’s Nutkin and friends, stating:

    “Don’t let’s forget that a number of things we eat as a matter of course are entirely loveable creatures and they appeal to the wider world. What’s the difference?

    “More importantly it’s not only me that’s going to feel let down. It’s going to be the red squirrels too.”

    “Unless something radical and imaginative is done Squirrel Nutkin and his friends are going to be toast.”

    Lord Inglewod hopes the grey squirrel will be added to the House of Commons menu and that Jamie Oliver will help him promote them as a lunch food for schoolchildren.

  3. Friends of squirrels in Santa Monica have reason to celebrate. City officials have just launched the first program in the country to humanely control squirrel population. Officials are partnering with local group, Animal Advocates, to educate Palisades Park visitors to not feed the squirrels, as this causes the population to grow beyond its natural numbers. In addition, the group will sterilize the rodents with immunocontraceptives. This is a welcome alternative to poisoning and killing these likeable critters, a tactic employed by many other cities to “control” squirrel populations.

    Here are some cool tips from PETA on living in harmony with squirrels.

  4. This bionic squirrel used to roll with dinosaurs

    This bionic squirrel used to roll with dinosaurs

    Scientists have discovered rat-squirrels in central Laos. The skinny, rat-faced, bushy-tailed rodent species was believed to have been extinct for 11 million years, but researchers have recently found the animals for sale at local meat markets and murdered by hunters. Conservation efforts for the squirrels and their habitat should follow. Read the full story here.

    In other squirrel news, here’s a feel good story about a Michigan man looking out for non-endangered squirrels, who also deserve our respect and protection.