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Category Archive: Stupid

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  1. Murry, 10, is up for adoption at NYACC.

    Murry, 10, is up for adoption at NYACC.

    • The Humane Society of the United States will sell organic vegan vegetarian dog food, called Humane Choice. Let’s hope they kick Purina’s ass to next Tuesday! Also, cat food next, pls!
    • The Superbowl happened; the underdog won; and Roberto Martin and Tal Ronnen prepared for Ellen yummy vegan nachos, pot pie, stew, and more. Rah, rah, rah!
    • Olympic ice skater Johnny Weir is going to don fake fur rather than real fur over his manitard because some muddling vegans tried to take the focus off his triple axel for a second to talk about his anally-electrocuted outfit, and he just CANNOT BE DISTRACTED FROM WHAT’S IMPORTANT. Weir gets what’s wrong with fur, he told the AP, “but it’s not something that’s the number-one priority in my life. There are humans dying every day. … Look at what just happened in Haiti.” LOOK OVER THERE! LOOK OVER THERE!
    • You know things are bad when people are giving up their orange tabbies. Animal Care & Control of New York City is apparently full of them. If you have room for a furry one at home, maybe consider these guys?
    • How about this: a slice of your debit transaction fees could support animals instead of banks. In Defense of Animals launched a debit card that will direct a portion of transaction fees to IDA, which they will use to fund “our chimpanzee sanctuary in Cameroon, Africa; our veterinary clinics and ambulance service for the thousands of street animals of Mumbai, India; and for our investigative and sanctuary work in rural Mississippi,” IDA founder and President Elliot M. Katz said. For use wherever Mastercard is accepted. No details yet on how to get one, but I’ll update if I find out.
    • Food Fight! Vegan Grocery needs our $$ to help cover their taxes. They’re offering a 5-percent discount with code “FUTAXES10” (heh) good through Monday, 2/15. Time to stock up on chocolates and Ricemellow, MMMMHMMM.
    • New iPhone app from the vegan boozemeisters at Barnivore. Search for “vegan is easy” in the iTunes store. Update (2/15): Per Jason Doucette’s comment below, the app was not made by Barnivore, but it uses data from Barnivore.

    Well, there you have it — the week that was. Did we miss anything? Let us know!

    Correction (2/16): HSUS’s new dog food contains supplements that they say might come from animal sources. Drat.

  2. Our Login System Is Down

    SuperVegan’s forum was attacked yesterday by a malicious script kiddie. Since our forum didn’t get much traffic (and a lot of what it did get was spammy) we decided to just delete it. Maybe we’ll launch a new forum at some point in the future.

    The bigger problem is that the user accounts which allow readers to comment on blog posts and leave restaurant reviews relied on the forum software.

    We are in the process of implementing a new account/login system, but in the meantime users will not be able to log in to leave reviews or comments.

    Readers can (and should!) still leave blog comments without logging in, but you’ll have to enter your name each time.

    We’re reasonably certain that usernames and passwords will remain the same, and that no user-related data will be lost. Also, we’re fairly sure that the attacker did not access any passwords.

    We apologize for the inconvenience and are working hard on getting the new login system working as soon as we can!

    • Farm Sanctuary isn’t the only AR group seeking (matched!) donations by the end of the year. A Mercy for Animals supporter will match your gift, up to $25,000. MFA is fairly new to NYC; you can get familiar by checking out their awesome undercover work here (carefully, now–the footage is horrifying).
    • We despise you, lobster-killing capitalist.
    • Who doesn’t love an end-of-year list? OK, some people shake and spit at the mere thought. But I like them! VegNews has compiled a list of the top veg stories of the decade. Kathy Freston posted a similar, top-10 list on The Huffington Post. What do you think? What are they missing?
    • The New York Times posted an op-ed claiming plants are as deserving of consideration as animals. Sooooo smart, guys.
    • Finally, get your bum over to Whole Foods next week and get $50 back when you spend $100 or more.
  3. Even dedicated meat-eaters are finally realizing that lobsters and crabs feel pain, and that even if their perceptions of pain and suffering aren’t quite the same as those of mammals (read: ours), it may not be OK to boil them alive for the eaters’ gustatory pleasure. What’s being done with these realizations, unfortunately, reads more like bad sci-fi than like any genuine acquisition of humane awareness.

    A new “solution” to the problem of these animals experiencing pain and stress has been found, one that is supposed to allow seafood lovers to be nice to their lobsters and eat them too. Enter the CrustaStun, the hot new contraption on the “humane” meat market.

    British inventor/entrepreneur Simon Buckhaven believes that crustaceans feel pain, and indeed, upon opening the home page of the CrustaStun website, the following text rolls out: “Crustaceans are sentient animals. Butchering or boiling alive causes them pain and stress.” He thinks it’s much better to shock them to death instead. That’s right folks–the CrustaStun is an electric chair for lobsters, crabs, and the like. Buckhaven has taken advantage of the fact that salt water can carry an electrical charge to give these creatures a shocking watery grave rather than a boiling one. Makes perfect sense, right?

    One wonders whether, with his oh-so-deep concern for all things crustacean, it occurred to Buckhaven that his device does nothing to address the stress and discomfort caused by methods of trapping and/or farming and transportation of shellfish, or the crowded tanks in which the animals are kept until ready to be consumed. But hey, why worry about little details like that? Clearly a short, less painful death makes up for a long miserable life. Did he stop to consider that his invention might make concerned consumers feel better about eating these animals, thereby actually increasing demand for crustaceans, directly raising the number of animals who live torturous lives only to become expensive “gourmet” platters? Well, we know for sure one thing that he did think of: “The animals do not get stressed during the process and, as a result, the meat tastes better.” Touching.

  4. The first time I ate at Swingers I likened it to Kate’s Joint, my beloved East Village diner, which may not be widely believed to be beloving worthy anymore. I was so happy! Not entirely vegetarian but surprisingly vegan friendly (surprise due in part to the cow portraits as wall art), Swingers has two locations (one in West Hollywood and one in Santa Monica) with near identical pop punk decor, sort of like when you get neighboring hotel rooms and they’re mirror images of each other. Did I mention the waitresses wear goth catholic school girl uniforms?

    Sadly, there is no Unturkey Club. Or Buffalo Wingless burgers. I don’t think I’ve ever had a less edible veggie burger than the one at Swingers. But I’m getting ahead of my complaining… I have been to Swingers lots of times for lots of reasons: it was very close to where I was picketing during the writers strike and they gave us free foods (rumor on the street had it that the generosity was due to Drew Carey, a fan of writers, being a part owner), it’s one of the few places in LA that’s open almost 24-hours, non-vegans always suggest it as a compromise and it seems like a fair one. But here’s what I’ve finally come to realize–explosive diarrhea is not a compromise I am willing to make anymore. I’ve tried their vegan pancakes (with and without chocolate chips), I’ve had their vegan sloppy joe, I’ve eaten their vegan nachos, their tofu chilaquiles, the vegan cobb salad, the vegan cheesecakes they used to carry and every single time, without fail, I spent the next morning paying a non-monetary price of the bathroom kind.

    I’m not sure what they’re doing over there. Is it the water? It tastes like it could be the water. We are close to Mexico, and this is starting to feel like a third-world country (we’re paying our government employees in IOUs whaa?), but that’s ridiculous. Even when I abstained from drinking their undrinkable tap water the results were the same. Is the vegan cheese not really vegan after all? (Maybe Operation Pancake needs to do some sleuthin’…) Possible, but a li’l casein wouldn’t make me that ill. I have an on-the-stronger-side stomach (not quite carbon steel, stainless maybe. And here’s the thing: I have talked to other vegans and they have said The. Same. Thing.

    So let this be a warning to you, dear SV readers. Learn from my repeated suffering. I gave them many too many chances, thinking like an abuse victim that this time would be different. This time they wouldn’t hurt me. THEY ALWAYS HURT ME. From the inside so you don’t see it, and where it’s easy to forget. But just like that lady from the Modern Love column in the NYTimes last weekend, I will no longer take part in this suffering. There is better vegan food out there for me in Los Angeles. Maybe not after 10pm, but still…