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Category Archive: Sweets

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  1. BlytheBoyd

    The profile pic from @BlytheAnnBoyd‘s Twitter account. Dang that looks tasty.

    At 3pm today, a new ice cream shop will open at the site once occupied by Lula’s Sweet Apothecary,  516 East 6th Street (between Avenues A & B) in the East Village. The owner is Blythe Boyd, who was a founder and owner of Lula’s. She lost the name/brand, but kept the recipes and the lease on the space. And after many months of everyone wondering what the heck was going on, now we can go find out!

    There doesn’t seem to be any official source for the opening information, let alone a website for the new place, but lots of social media announcements from people who would know all make the same announcement. So either it’s true, or somebody stole Boyd’s phone and decided to play a cruel trick on all of her friends (and every ice-cream loving vegan in NYC).

    Lula’s Sweet Apothecary had a long, slow, confusing closing, from the owners’ very public legal dispute in January to the “we are unable to open today” in early May that, it turns out, lasted several months. Reliable information was scarce. The ice cream itself was still being made, and was served without Lula’s branding at Sustainable NYC. But the ice cream parlor experience, and the myriad toppings were a big part of what made Lula’s great.

    We’re pretty confident this new place will be great, too. Can’t wait to go check it out!

  2. Did you hear about the predicament Lula and her sweet apothecary have gotten into? It is MOST unfortunate. I don’t even live in New York anymore and my heart is dragging on the floor. If I was still in NYC, I’d seriously consider buying out the rest of their stock, renting a walk-in freezer somewhere and rationing it out by the spoonful. But seeing as I live in LA now and visit NY,  here’s a list of things I’d rather have happen to NYC instead of Lula’s closing:

    charity chugger

    Why yes, I WILL stop, thanks.

    • Every time I need a taxi, it started raining five minutes ago.
    • All the ATMs become Gaps again.
    • Every day is trash day.
    • Every street is like Broadway in Soho during the holidays.
    • Every other street is like Canal Street.
    • The 2nd Avenue subway line takes another 100 years to build.
    • For every one cockroach or mouse or rat I see, I see the other hundred I don’t.
    • I have to talk to every single person who approaches me with a branded windbreaker and a clipboard  (the British call them”Chuggers”– charity muggers) asking me if I “have a minute” or “like comedy.”
    • Every time I try to walk through Union Square there’s a farmer’s market AND a holiday mart AND a protest of something AND a drum circle.
    • Sleep below tap dancers and above a food-serving establishment whose smell permeates everything.
    • Every street I try to cross has a giant lake of still water surrounding it that is too big to jump across.
    • Get caught in the middle of a West Side Story like gang war between the hipsters of Williamsburg and the hipsters of Park Slope set to math rock beats.
    • Be forced to shop at Whole Foods during peak hours only. Ditto Trader Joe’s.
    • Every time I reach the subway platform I realize I have JUST missed the train.
    • Your turn! What would you rather have happen than have a Lula-less city? Leave a comment.

    So please go support Lula’s for me, while you still can!

  3. Adorable children eating vegan softserve at Lula’s. Photo by edenpictures on flickr.

    Do you remember your first visit to Lula’s? We do.

    According to this New York Post he-said-she-said, the beloved spot is on shaky ground. Lula’s was founded by a married couple, Blythe Boyd and Derek Hackett. They both still own it, but they’re not married anymore. And they’re not at all agreeing about how to run the business, with Hackett filing court in Manhattan Supreme Court demanding the business be dissolved. Eek!

    He says:

    Boyd controls the operations and has looted, wasted or diverted for non-corporate purposes all assets. Boyd has substantially cut the hours of the retail location during the busiest season, the late spring and summer months, and as such continues to operate to the detriment of the shareholders.

    She says:

    This was my idea. Lula is the name of my niece. The whole vision was mine. Having been a vegan for 15 years I wanted to do something related to that cause. He expenses things through the company — sometimes his rent. He’s taking profits and not working here. If you’re not putting in any hours you’re not justified in taking 5 dollars. I shortened the winter hours this winter for the first time because I have to handle all the production at this point because he’s not around and I did the math it makes more sense to keep this hours for winter.

    This comes not long after the demise of the nearby Stogo’s, also a victim squabbling owners.

    Divorce can suck. But we really, really hope that parents and the court can ensure the best possible outcome for the kids, that being all of us who love love love love Lula’s awesome ice cream, and the wonderful shop they serve it in!

  4. Who hates Valen-times more than me? No one! That said, I’d go to this, if I wasn’t 2,809 miles away.


    Vegan Valentine’s Shop-Up
    Saturday, February 9th
    12- 5pm
    Pine Box Rock Shop
    12 Grattan St.
    Bushwick, Brooklyn

    We have a full list of lusty and talented vendors, both new and old! Visions of heart shaped cookies, glittering bon bons, sweet scented gift boxes, and charm filled chocolates will deck out Pine Box Rock Shop on Saturday, Feb. 9th, from 12-5p. Don’t forget, it’s also happy hour!

    Handspun yarns + gourmet nut cheeses + tea blends + grooming products + seitan + yogurt + specialty cinnamon rolls + eco-clothing + cake truffles + kombucha + gluten-free goods = YOUR BEST DAY EVER.

    Come on out for a day of celebrating, munching, sipping, hanging, nuzzling, winking, snacking, sweethearting, and just plain fun having. Thanks for <3 ‘ing us enough to be around this long. This year we’re trying something new and bringing you a Shop-Up EVERY MONTH!”

    Because Valen-times may evil, but seitan is delicious!

    And did you see that at the end about the Vegan Shop-Ups happening every month?!

  5. Remember that time that I went to Georgetown Cupcake and it was a sweet-smelling version of a war-torn Escape From LA? If you follow us on Instagramz, then you know I gave them a second chance– I’m big like that when it comes to dessert. I’m happy to report that it was great (though I didn’t use the facilities or try to order iced tea)!

    They now have 3 (that’s 1, 2, 3!) vegan flavors; Vegan Apple Cinnamon (M,TR, S), Vegan Cranberry Spice (T,F), and Vegan Carrot (W, SU), and a handy-dandy chart that can lead you to your favorite. I’ve tried two of the three flavors (my feelings on dessert made from vegetables are well known, so no W or Su for me, thanks) and they’re both delicious…though I’ve also made a request for another option that’s more chocolate, or caramel, or vanilla.

    photoapple cinnamon

    To convince YOU to give them a chance, the very kind folks of Georgetown Cupcake are giving away a gift card valued at one dozen fairy cakes (that’s what they call them in England, also that’s $29!) to one lucky SuperVegan Angeleno! THAT COULD BE YOU (if you live in Los Angeles)!

    All you have to do is leave a comment (make sure you provide your e-mail address!) answering this question (in the form of a question, for extra points): Which would you rather have, a dozen flu shots, or a dozen vegan cupcakes?

    There is but one restriction: YOU MUST LIVE IN L.A.

    Winner will be chosen Monday (1/21) at high noon.