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  1. I finally joined a gym with locations near my office and my home to ensure I’d make it there on a regular basis because, holy heck, THERE’S A VEGAN BAKERY OPENING CLOSE TO MY APARTMENT! Clementine Bakery on Greene Avenue (at the corner of Classon) is opening its doors THIS Sunday, March 4th, at 8:00 a.m. That’s just a hop, skip and a jump from the Classon G station. (Thank you, Clementine co-owners, Michelle Barton and Michael Glen, for remembering not all vegans live along the L train!)

    Among the crazy that is preparing for your first NYC retail venture’s 0th birthday, Michelle Barton found a few spare seconds to take a breather and answer our probing questions.

    Deborah Diamant: How did you settle on Classon and Greene as the spot to open your bakery?
    Michelle Barton: Both Michael and I live close by in the neighborhood, and we saw there was a need for vegan food and an opportunity for us to be part of the local community.

    DD: Where did you get your baking start?
    MB: While I was managing at Terri in Flatiron, I was recruited by Lifethyme Bakery while also working at Champs for a hot minute before being promoted to head baker at Lifethyme.

    DD: What do you think will become your signature item(s)?
    MB: We’ve been working hard to develop an intriguing menu but our favorites thus far are strawberry and blueberry apricot glazed hand pies, and fresh dill and mozzarella biscuits.

    DD: How will Clementine Bakery stand out from the other brick & mortar vegan bakeries already open or expecting to open in the coming months (e.g., Champs, Dun-Well, Blossom, etc.)?
    MB: We plan to make our mark through our attention to craft. Using high quality organic ingredients and preparing essences and extracts in house, we want our customers to get a sense of the enjoyment and curiosity we have in combining different flavors and textures.

    DD: You’ve already got a cookbook available — does this mean all of your secrets have been given away in advance of your opening?
    MB: We think everyone should be able to bake tasty vegan treats. There’s no secrets with us. The more people who understand that vegan baking is just as good or better works for us.

    DD: Is the bakery set up to accommodate the laptop-toting daytime crowd, or is it more a dash-in-and-dash-out kinda place?
    MB: Our shop feels more livingroom than office, but we welcome people who want to stop by for a quick fix

    DD: What brand of coffee will you be serving?
    MB: We’re serving locally roasted Kitten Coffee using the Japanese Hario pour over method and also French press. Our coffee bar features our own custom made creamers.

    DD: What percentage of your ingredients will be organic and fair trade?
    MB: We use 100 percent fair trade ingredients and 90 percent organic. We hope to get that up to 100 percent organic ingredients if we can find the right suppliers.

    DD: Tell us about the grand opening festivities!
    MB: It’s our birthday, so there’ll be cake for everyone, balloon animals and a piñata!

    DD: And, for the most important questions: Vegan chocolate covered malt balls? Do you think it’ll ever happen in the United States and will you finally be the bakery to make them for me?
    MB: I sure can give it a whirl! We could be that bakery to make it happen.

    Clementine Bakery, 299 Greene Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, is opening this Sunday, March 4th at 8:00 a.m.! Regular hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Bike, walk or take the G to Classon.

  2. Healthy eaters look away! This one’s for the Vegan with one to seventeen sweet teeth. Check out these amazing (and in some cases, new) snack foods!

    #1. Birthday Oreos
    Oreo is celebrating their 100th birthday with a specialty cookie that is their most delicious by 100x. These are insane bonkers delicious. Get them whilst available and feel free to thank me later or hate me when you’ve eaten so many your pants cut off circulation to your legs.

    UPDATE: It has been brought to my near-sighted attention that these contain Confectioner’s Glaze, which some deem UnSuperVegan. Here’s some handy dandy reading material on the subject so that you can decide for your own Vegan Self.

    #1. Vegan Thin Mints
    Feeling left out of the whole Girl Scout Cookie Game? I mean, they’re not even made with real Girl Scouts. Check out these faux Thin Mints and satisfy the craving. TIP: freeze these for extra levels of yum.

    Get a whole case, put on a cute uniform and resell them to all your vegan pals at Amazon.

    Or just get them by the box here.

    OR-or roll-up to your local Kosher market– they often carry them.

    #1. Vegan Creme Eggs




    Hear that? That’s the Easter Bunny making his approach! Best order some Vegan Cadbury-style Creme Eggs courtesy Queenbalch on Etsy.

    Or, if you’re LA based, Tweet at greatbrittania of Fakery Bakery fame, and beg her to make them again this year.

    #1. Steve’s Ice Cream

    This one’s for the New Yorkers. For now…
    Have you tried Steve’s Ice Cream? Small batch, craft ice cream with unique combinations of ingredients that are locally sourced when possible, Steve’s has a whole line of coconut based Cremes that are some of the best I’ve ever had (I’ve been lucky enough to taste three!). They are not coconut-ey at all and are super extra highly delicious. Flavors include: Chocolate Almond Butter, Cinnamon Coffee, Coconut Cilantro Lime, Maple Porter Pecan, Mint Cacao Chip, Sugar Cookie Dough, and Tea Time. There’s also sorbet, for those who like that sort of thing. With a Brooklyn brick + mortar opening soon, check out the extensive list of shops where you can find a pint today!

  3. For a really long time I thought I was going to quit my job in publishing and become a fancy vegan, gluten-free pastry chef and bring amazing pastries to the formerly under-served gluten-free vegans who just NEED A FREAKING CROISSANT. At some point, though, I realized I would probably have to live very un-fancily for the rest of my underpaid life while paying back yet another tuition loan, this time for culinary school. So I kind of gave up on that beautiful dream of buttery flakiness.


    But for my birthday my brother bought me the most perfect present: a spot at a vegan, gluten-free baking and decorating class at the Natural Gourmet Institute (at 21st Street and 5th Avenue in Manhattan). Korrie Chichester, executive pastry chef at Vegan Divas, taught a mixed class of first-time bakers, hobbyists (me!), and pastry chefs wanting to expand into the gluten-free zone how to make six different kinds of vegan cake and several varieties of frosting. She also raced through a bit of icing and decorating.


    The cakes we baked were delish and varied enough that you could probably make only those six cakes for the rest of your life and continue to be impressive at every gathering you host. So five stars for the recipes. On the teaching side, though, I think I was hoping for a little more technique instruction — measuring ingredients, testing cakes for doneness, mixing, fancy icing, etc. Many of the tasks were performed by the assistants — some ingredients were pre-measured and students weren’t allowed near the ovens. But that’s what you get in three hours with no nearby burn unit, I think. I left with a stomach full of cake, an untouched hazelnut cake with cherry-vanilla icing, a bunch of solid recipes, a new friend who’d been my baking partner, and Korrie’s email address for post-class questions. Overall, I loved it and will definitely take more classes at the Natural Gourmet.


    That baking class is one of dozens of vegan-appropriate classes at this culinary school; there are classes on tempeh, raw food, seitan, tofu, cooking techniques, vegan sauces, wine pairings, mushrooms, sea vegetables, and every other little I can imagine having a dedicated class on. Most of the sessions cost $100-200, a good deal considering what you get: a professional chef who demonstrates and then assists you in making something. And then you eat that thing, often with wine.

  4. Custom order of mini cupcakes from Champs Bakery

    Custom order of mini cupcakes from Champs Bakery

    Valentine’s day is next week and there are so many sweet ways to enjoy it with your sweetie(s)!

    Restaurant Specials:
    Blossom $65 per person includes appetizer or salad, palette cleanser, entrée and dessert for the holiday prix fixe menu, $65/person price excludes tax and tack on 20% gratuity that will be added to your bill.

    Bogota Latin Bistro a vegan friendly place in Park Slope, Brooklyn has added vegan options (veg can be made vegan) to their Valentine’s Day Menu. The vegan dessert will likely be fresh fruit. $30/person or order off the menu ala carte.

    Cafe Blossom $60/person Valentine’s Day specials for appetizer, entrée, palette cleanser, and dessert. Price excludes tax and add on 20% gratuity that will be added to your bill. Hint: the menu for Cafe Blossom and Blossom Restaurant appear to be the same except the Cafe is $5 less per person.

    Candle 79 $75/person includes soup or salad, appetizer, entrée, and dessert for $75/person from their prix fixe menu.

    Candle Cafe $58/person for soup, appetizer or salad, entrée, and dessert or order ala carte from the Valentine’s menu.

    Caravan of Dreams $45/person for soup or starter, entrée, and dessert. A raw/live option is available too and the full menu is listed on their Facebook wall.

    Cinnamon Snail is offering pre-ordered entrées and sweets for the big day, be sure to get your order in by Sunday 2/12. Check out their specials for pick-up only on 2/14 in Manhattan, Red Bank, NJ and Hoboken, NJ.

    Franchia $45/person includes a starter mini-appetizers, choice of 2 entrées, and a dessert posted on their (Valentine’s Day menu for full listing).

    Gobo Downtown and Uptown is mixing it up this year. Gone is the prix fixe and in its place both locations are offering a special dessert & cocktail for 2/10, 2/11 and 2/14 and all folks dining in on 2/14 get a special customized gift.

    Hangawi $65/person includes a starter mini-appetizers, choice of 3 entrées, and a dessert (click menu and Valentine’s Day for full listing). After 5pm dollar minimum applies. Don’t forget to wear cute socks for when you take off your shoes!

    Kajitsu for $80/person, will have a special v-day 9 course “Hana” menu with an extra dessert.

    La Verdure @Eataly the vegetable based restaurant is offering a 4 course veg menu that can be ordered vegan at $50/person. Just be sure to let them know you’re vegan when making the reservation!

    Pure Food and Wine‘s $72/person or $129/person with wine pairing, is already booked up for their prix fixe Valentine’s menu(but it’s not too late to be added to the wait list) it includes 3 courses and dessert.

    Sacred Chow is taking reservations, give them a call for their Valentine’s specials.

    Saravanaas/Saravana Bhavan is offering a $40/person 3 course prix fixe featuring north and south Indian dishes and includes a glass of wine from 5-10pm.

    V-Note‘s $60/person includes a starter, palette cleanser, entrée, and dessert (scroll to the bottom of the homepage for the Valentine’s Day menu).

    Other romantic options to consider: Vatan’s 4 course $30/person dinner, John’s of 12th St. Italian vegan menu, or Dirt Candy.

    Want a more private interlude at home? Check out Vegweb’s great listing of new Valentine’s recipes or read up on suggestions in this interview with chef and romance writer Amanda Usen to incorporate some vegan aphrodisiacs into your meal.

    A great list to vet your chocolate to ensure it’s vegan slave-free/safe-to-buy is available from the Food Empowerment Project so the chocolate you give is full of love and not at the expense of others.

    Cocoa V Chocolate @ Blossom Restaurant pick up chocolate bon bons, truffles, barks and more all made locally at Blossom as Cocoa V (what was the only vegan chocolate shop in NYC) is now closed. Don’t worry kids the space is re-opening as of February 17 as Blossom Bakery.

    Fine and Raw Chocolate produces raw, vegan chocolate sweetened with agave, made in Brooklyn available at many places around town or on-line.

    One Lucky Duck will have their usual sweets as well as special Valentine’s Day foil wrapped hearts, chocolate bar gift sets, and chocolate truffle boxes that can be bought on-line or at a retail location.

    Rescue Chocolate is 100% vegan, made in Brooklyn, and benefits animal rescue organizations. It’s available on-line or throughout NYC.

    Rose City Chocolatier for the heart shaped box of your childhood that has a vegan assortment, vegan fruit jellies, truffles, or even give the gift of vegan chocolate of the month. They have a store in NJ or order on-line for delivery by Tuesday.

    Doughnuts, Cookies & Treats:
    Babycakes – gluten-free folks can still get their sweet on for the holiday or if you’re not local they deliver too.

    Champs Family Bakery – pre-order specialty cookies, cupcakes or cakes from their menu Don’t want to break the bank? Champs recently started a daily bakery happy hour from 9pm-10pm BOGO free(equal or lesser value) on all individual baked goods!

    Dun-Well Doughnuts – locally made artisanal vegan doughnuts, yum! Check out their new store and place an order from their large assortment of flavors.

    Peacefood Cafe – has an in-house bakery and will have holiday themed cookies, cupcakes and cakes to choose from.

    If baked goods aren’t your dessert of choice, don’t forget sharing a hand-made vegan ice cream sundae from Lula’s Sweet Apothecary or a scoop from Stogo.

    Sweet and Sara – pick up a festive chocolate dipped strawberry marshmallow heart or pink strawberry marshmallows available around town or order on-line.

    How sweet will your Tuesday be? Did we miss anything? Tell us about it below!

  5. Vegan Shop-Up

    Happy, attractive people flock to the Vegan Shop-Up! (Photo courtesy of

    We’re excitedly counting down the days until we can shop with abandon at the February 12th Vegan Shop-Up at Pine Box Rock Shop in Brooklyn! To take our minds off how to balance being in our favorite bar in such close proximity to sweets, savories, wearables, washables and other assorted odds and ends, we sent Sarah Peltier, the founder of Vegan Shop-Up, our ten most pressing questions! In turn, Sarah sent us her ten best answers! Feel free to read out loud to your loved one(s).

    Deborah Diamant: You’re a year old! How does a vegan pop-up shop celebrate this achievement?
    Sarah Peltier: We plan to celebrate our first birthday with lots of freebies for everyone! Some of the best vegan-friendly companies around have donated treats: VegNews, Babycakes, Terri, MooShoes, Foodswings, and Babeland.

    DD: Why do you think pop-up shops have gotten so popular the last year or so?
    SP: They’re the perfect low-risk venue for companies without a regular location to reach the public. They’re an enticing shopping experience and a great way for smaller businesses to get noticed.

    DD: How many vendors were at your first shop-up, and how many do you expect this weekend?
    SP: We had a whopping five vendors at the very first Shop-Up last February, and now we are at 32! It grows more and more each time around.
    Continue Reading…