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  1. Slaughter a squid: buy an iPhone!

    Slaughter a squid: buy an iPhone!

    Apple CEO Steve Jobs still creeps into lists of “famous vegans.” But he’s not vegan, and never has been. If the leather iPod case wasn’t evidence enough, see the brand new iPhone ad entitled “Calamari.” Wow, a phone that lets you watch Pirates of the Caribbean (a natural choice, seeing as Steve’s the largest shareholder in Disney), only to have your appetite whetted for some tentacled chow. So you switch over to the local search (Google Maps-powered, just like SuperVegan’s restaurant guide) and pick out a seafood restaurant. Eat some squids, buy an iPhone. Yay.

  2. Coming soon to a gas station near you...?

    Coming soon to a gas station near you…?

    ConocoPhillips and Tyson Foods have been working this past year to develop a renewable bio-diesel with lower carbon emissions than conventional fuels. They announced their apparently brilliant idea on Monday: their bio-diesel will be made using beef, pork and poultry fat. ConocoPhillips said it hopes to introduce the fuel at gas stations in the Midwest toward the end of this year. More strange than the idea itself is that people are really buying into it–even though it’s an obvious ploy for more money, not for a cleaner environment. A columnist notes that animal fat burns as clean as natural gas. Uh, plus the smell of burning animal fat? “Animal fat is an ideal solution for a breakthrough fuel. The possibilities are not limited to just heating buildings and water. Other projects are underway.”

    I’m partial to the tack taken on Grist: why not suck the fat out of humans to run our cars?

  3. It may sound sci-fi, but scientists now theorize that mobile phones could be to blame for Colony Collapse Disorder that’s struck bees across the U.S. and Europe. Scientists say the radiation given off by mobile phones and other high-tech gadgets may be interfering with the bees’ navigation systems, preventing them from finding their way back to their hives.

    Although sufficient hard proof of this theory is still lacking, research already suggests that cell phone radiation may have serious adverse effects on human health, causing brain tumors, reduced sperm counts and loss of brain cells. If cell radiation can do this to people, imagine what it could do to bees…

  4. Eyeing cupcakes from Little Vegan Monsters

    Eyeing cupcakes from Little Vegan Monsters

    • We mourn the passing of Sara Whalen of Catskills no-kill shelter Pets Alive. Sara saved thousands of animals, and should be an inspiration to us all.
    • Ryan at the Veg Blog’s Tips for New Vegans: Restaurants reminds us that “veganism’s not about sacrifice, it’s about doing what you know is right.”
    • His advice is no help for Pamela Anderson, as Hooters prevents her from hosting a faux-winged book-launch party for PETA.
    • I’m scared to eat at Hooters, and even more scared of trying eat in meat-laden foreign countries. But here’s some great vegetarian travel roundups for Moscow and Buenos Aires.
    • Vegan actress Emily Deschanel tries to convert David Boreanaz to veganism. (I know, a few readers are thrilled to hear this; everyone else is shrugging.)
    • And only movie stars can afford the hot new vegan footwear from Mink shoes.
    • Remember that vegan cupcake eating contest in New Haven? Read all about it and see the shirtless carnage.
    • There are stories running around on less reliable news sites that mad scientists have created a sheep that’s 15% human (in it’s internal organs). I’m not convinced it really happened, but it’s scary to think about!
    • The metaphor of the week award goes to Dennis Kucinich, for his quote about facing Fox News: “I have to be ready to go into the lion’s den. I’m a vegetarian and a vegan — I mean, maybe the lion doesn’t want to eat me because I’m a vegan.” How can you not love the guy!
  5. Microsoft Research has rolled out a truly wonderful CAPTCHA-alternative called Asirra. Instead of transcribing illegibly distorted “words” to prove to the internet that you’re human, Asirra has you identify pictures of cats and dogs. And not just any random critters, but folks up for adoption from, with an “Adopt Me” link under each one.

    The main hero here seems to be developer John Douceur, who’s been vegan for 17 years, and clearly loves his cats. While presumably owned by Microsoft, Asirra is freely available to use on your own website. If we ever need captcha-like capabilities on SuperVegan, I bet we’ll be using Asirra!

    Right now, you may encounter animals who live far away from you or are even already adopted, but the developers are working on it. From the FAQ: “Asirra is currently in beta-testing. The production version will do geolocation based on client IP address, showing users pets that are nearby … The production version will initially show only pets that are actively looking for homes.”

    This project is totally brilliant. Congratulations to John, his fellow developers Jeremy Elson, Jon Howell, and’s Jared Saul!

    (Discovered via Jack Shepherd’s “PETA Files,” which is a surprisingly good blog, as long as you ignore the inevitable posts about PETA itself.)

    Update: We’re now using Asirra for new account registrations on SuperVegan. But please don’t set up bogus accounts just to ogle the cuties!