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  1. This awesome Zippy via Veg Blog.

    This awesome Zippy via Veg Blog.

  2. Tammy Grimes rescues Doogie.

    Tammy Grimes rescues Doogie.

    Check out the today’s Go Vegan Texas program for interesting commentary on “The Green Scare” or the government’s attemps to characterize animal- and environmental- advocates as terrorists. Guests include Camille Hankins, co-founder of the local group Win Animal Rights (WAR), award-winning journalist Will Potter of news blog, and AR/ Eco documentary film producer Tim Gorski of Rattle the Cage.

    The program closes with coverage of a related story—the recent arrest of Tammy Grimes, founder of the Tipton, Pennsylvania group Dogs Deserve Better. Ms. Grimes is facing charges of misdemeanor theft, receiving stolen property, criminal mischief, and criminal trespass after refusing to return a chained dog (called Doogie) she rescued from near death after the local humane society neglected to intervene. Please visit the website to see video footage of the dog’s rescue and to learn how you can free Ms. Grimes and help bring Doogies’s abusers to justice.

    The program also inlcudes coverage of the recent E. Coli outbreak linked to bagged spinach and how it may be a result of the use of animal waste in vegetable farming. Yuck!

    To listen to this great episode, you can choose to either play or download the program from the KPFT station archive.

  3. Vegan firemen keep Austin weird

    Filed under: Celebrities Texas

    Check out Engine 2, a group of veggie-lovin’ firemen in Austin, TX. Jimmy John’s, the local sandwich joint, has named a vegan sandwich after the firefighters, and PETA has awarded them “Animal-Friendly Firehouse of the Year.”

    The group began eating a vegan diet when one of the men, Specialist James Rae, became aware he had high cholesterol. However, Firefighter Rip Esselstyn, son of famed nutritionist Caldwell Esselstyn said, “Seventy percent of our calls are medical. Every day we see the ravages of people eating to their heart’s content.” If not for Specialist Rae’s cholesterol, he said, “there would have been someone else, someone prediabetic or obese who would have prompted us.”

    Engine 2 was profiled yesterday in the NY Times (login required).