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  1. First there was the cookbook. Then they expanded to Los Angeles. What’s the latest news from Babycakes? A brand-new store in downtown Disney, that’s what!

    Okay, this might be a little more exciting for me than it is for you, because since I left NYC for Fort Lauderdale almost a year ago, let’s just say I haven’t been eating as well. So if Babycakes is headed my way, it’s time to celebrate! But it’s also a coup for the good guys: When’s the last time a monolith like Disney decided to kick out Mickey D’s and bring in not just a healthier option but a healthier vegan option? Can’t think of one? Neither can I.

    So bring on the agave-sweetened cupcakes, brownie bites, biscuits with jam, corn bread, doughnuts and double chocolate crumb cake—I’m ready! But their phones aren’t working yet, so if you need a fix right now, drop Emily a line.

    Florida just got a little bit sweeter!

  2. If you go to Key West, make sure you don't miss out on Green Republic.

    If you go to Key West, make sure you don’t miss out on Green Republic.

    If you’re planning a vegan vacation, the Conch Republic might not sound like your kind of place—as the name suggests, seafood abounds there. But I’ve been to Key West twice this year, and we actually had a lot more options than Happy Cow led me to believe we would.

    Upon arrival both times, we headed straight to The Cafe, a vegatarian restaurant on Southard St. with lots of vegan options. The restaurant’s really cute, with paintings by local artists on the walls and crayon drawings by its customers everywhere else. My husband’s not an edamame fan, so both times we started off with the Un-Wing Dings with BBQ sauce—breaded logs of tofu, kind of like what you’d find at Kate’s—which were just spicy enough for me and maybe just a little too much tofu for him. From there we moved on to the Kung Pao Tofu and Veggie Burger, both of which were really good and really substantial. The Kung Pao sauce was incredibly flavorful, and the burger really hit the spot, and not just because it was enormous. Next time we go I’d like to take their Seitan Pepper Steak with jasmine rice for a spin. Continue Reading…

  3. Jean Paul Peanutier, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

    Jean Paul Peanutier, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

    I hit a bit of a snafu a few weeks ago—I was eloping and had planned to have a Peanut Butter Bomb shipped down for the occasion. It’s my absolute FAVORITE dessert, and even my husband craves it, he of the decided lack of sweet tooth. Our hearts were set on it, and I was determined to deliver. But you know what they say about the best-laid plans. So with hope in my heart, I contacted Vegan Treats and was told by a couple of different people that (a) they didn’t ship cakes anymore, and (b) they did but they didn’t know if they could ship to Florida. About a week before the wedding, amid a flurry of emails back and forth, I was finally told that they could ship a PBB to us, but between the overnighting, the ice packs, etc., it would be pretty expensive. Um, who cares? Just send the damn thing! But then of course—thank you, Murphy’s law—VT ran out of boxes and didn’t know when they’d be getting more in. Seriously? You ran out of boxes??? So now I had a cake topper and no cake to put it on. Great.

    Perplexed and disappointed, I contacted Cocoa V, progeny of my favorite NYC restaurant, Blossom. Turns out they make a chocolate-peanut butter tart, which isn’t on their online menu. Yay! Um, except that they don’t ship cakes to Florida. I was starting to get a complex.

    Now desperate, I did a search for local bakers with vegan offerings—not an easy task down here. But I found a few. Bunnie Cakes seemed promising, but the owner didn’t get back to me in time. Peace a’ Cake did, in fact, have a chocolate-peanut butter cake. But for some reason, their PB treats are the only ones they make that aren’t vegan. (Does that make sense to you?) Finally, as a last resort I tried Cupcake Couture in Delray Beach. CC makes some of the most beautiful confections I’ve ever seen, and I was told they could do vegan vanilla, chocolate and red velvet cupcakes. I’d been striking out pretty badly and had zero expectations. But it was our wedding, after all, so I had to ask: Could they possibly make their Jean Paul Peanutier—a rich chocolate cake with delectable peanut butter frosting, just velvety and sweet enough to be habit-forming but not heavy or overwhelming—vegan, and as a cake, pretty please and with sugar on top? Hell yes, they could! And hell yes, they did. And it was amazing! And so it was that we got our chocolate-peanut butter wedding cake, and it was delicious, and we lived happily ever after. All hail Cupcake Couture!

    What’s your favorite sweet indulgence, readers? And to what lengths would you go to acquire it? Share with us in the comments!

  4. I Heart Vegan Chicago!

    Filed under: Chicago Food Travel
    The Chicago Diner rocked my taste buds!

    The Chicago Diner rocked my taste buds!

    Honestly, Chicago had never been on my radar. I don’t know why, maybe because I’m from New York—who needs the Second City when you hail from the First? But now that I live in the culinary wasteland that is South Florida, Chicago was just what the doctor ordered this Labor Day weekend!

    My fiancé and I got in too early to check into our hotel, so we headed straight over to the Chicago Diner. Wow, less than a year outside New York and already I’d forgotten what it’s like to have an entire menu at your disposal! And now that the boy is vegan, Chi Di’s offerings made him realize just how deprived we are down here. So we made a feast of it: We started off with the nachos, piled high with black beans, seitan chorizo, chopped tomato, jalapeños, black olives, cheddar Daiya, guacamole, sour cream and salsa—and holy crap, were they good! We didn’t have room for much else, but I was determined to stuff down as much as I could while I had the chance. So I had a French Vanilla Soy Shake and the Avocadonnaise Cheezeburger (half of which made the trip home and doubled as lunch on Monday), and he had the Philly Cheeze “Steak.” He’d been having residual cheese cravings and was hearing the siren call of deep dish pizza, but that Cheeze “Steak” was apparently so good—better than most of the ones he’d had when he ate meat—that the subject never came up again. Continue Reading…

  5. National Animal Law Conference

    I flew into Portland on Friday to attend this year’s National Animal Law Conference at Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, OR. I visited the “Brooklyn of the West” to make my jeans fit tighter and attend conference sessions on issues relating to the criminal prosecution of animal cruelty, the link between domestic violence and animal abuse, the intersectionality between animal rights and human rights, and so on and so forth.

    But, in honor of Vegan MoFo III, you want to hear about the food, right? For the first time in a very long time, I received a vegan meal on the plane. I stopped requesting them long ago, but my Continental Airlines frequent flyer profile still lists me as a scary, radical vegan. Much to my surprise, about an hour into the flight, a box containing a vegan soy patty with cheese on a whole wheat English muffin appeared on my tray table. It was surprisingly good. A partially frozen fruit cocktail, a Sara Lee “bagel”, Smart Balance (the vegan kind) and a packet of Mrs. Dash, which I’m still not sure of its intended use, accompanied it. Continental gets thumbs up on the English muffin sandwich and for getting me to Portland on time.

    My first stop in Portland was La Bonita for some of the tastiest black beans to pass through my digestive track. For only $6.95, I procured a large plate with two soft tacos, a heaping mound of rice, a liberal portion of beans and chunky guacamole. Good job, NE Portland.
    Continue Reading…