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  1. It literally makes me sick when I think about the millions of animals who are tortured and killed in laboratories every year. Most people will decry animal testing when they’re confronted with images of cats with electronic devices sticking out of their brains or bunnies locked in boxes so that chemicals can be poured into their eyes. But after they compose themselves, a lot of people still come out in favor of vivisection, because if we didn’t test on animals, where would we be? And aren’t testers as ethical and responsible as possible?

    As far as I’m concerned, there’s no excuse for animal testing, and until it ends, every day should be World Day for Animals in Laboratories. But since it’s not, we have World Week for Animals in Laboratories, which began this past weekend.

    I never know where to begin with these things, so I’m just going to mention some of the more notable developments, old and new, as well as ways you can get involved. (I was going to try to work in this ”funny” Onion article, but it reads so close to reality that I found it hard to find much humor in it.) Continue Reading…

  2. Ex-Mrs. McCartney plots media domination, and lunch.

    Ex-Mrs. McCartney plots media domination, and lunch.

    It looks like Heather Mills is going to host a vegan cooking show. My first reaction was, Great! It’s always pissed me off that the so-called Food Network won’t air even one cooking show that doesn’t feature slaughtered animals. (Cue my daydreams about V-TV, an all-veg, all-the-time network that does for veg*ns what Logo does for LGBTers.) But while Mills says she can’t wait to “share details of her vegan lifestyle,” she also says she hopes the show will make her more sympathetic and that she can’t wait to be the next Oprah.

    Maybe the ends justify the means—if seeing the show will convince more people to go veg, then more power to her—but for once it would be nice to see someone forging ahead with completely altruistic motives. Or am I just being naive?

  3. World Vegan Day

    Today is the 13th annual World Vegan Day, which celebrates the foundation of the Vegan Society in 1944 and the coining of the word “vegan.”

    Activists in Britain are campaigning for legal definitions of the words “vegan” and “vegetarian” and for more vegan pizza (they’re totally jealous of us New Yorkers).

    Plenty of celebrations are happening around the world; check out ActiVeg or the Vegan Society for event listings. (New Yorkers: the American Vegan Society will be celebrating on Saturday, November 17, from 1pm – 4pm at Candle 79.)

    Today’s a good day to get your non-veg friends a Vegetarian Starter Kit or a Why Vegan. Just remember to soften them up with some good food first.

    Oh yeah, and happy All Saints Day, Day of the Dead, and Halloween-hangover-recovery day! (Maybe we should’ve chosen a less crowded date for our holiday…?)

  4. Zen Burger!

    Zen Burger!

  5. Lentils saved Edward Batha's life.

    Lentils saved Edward Batha’s life.