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  1. They could turn everyone into meat eaters instead.

    They could turn everyone into meat eaters instead.

    There’s been a bit of brouhaha in the UK press over a “The secret plans to turn us all vegetarian”, the Agency got a bit defensive, stating “Promoting the potential benefits of a vegan diet in tackling climate change was a suggestion offered by a member of the public. The Environment Agency believes this is a matter of personal choice, but it would be wrong of us to dismiss the already very public research showing the benefits that reducing the consumption of animal protein, and therefore methane emissions from farm animals, can have on tackling emissions.” The UK Government’s offical guide to greener living does indeed state “production of meat and dairy has a much bigger effect on climate change and other environmental impacts than that of most grains, pulses and outdoor fruit and vegetables.”

  2. Heather Mills goes capital

    Heather Mills goes capital “V”

    Heather Mills recently announced she is now vegan! After learning more about how hideous factory farming is and intent on reducing its destructive impact on the planet, Mills decided to take her vegetarianism to the alpha level. “I could never go back to eating meat, fish or dairy. I hate the cruelty of factory farming,” she says.

    The former model and estranged wife of Sir Paul McCartney joins a short yet influential list of celebrities using their star status to spotlight the virtues of veganism. Mills says, “Following a plant-based diet not only benefits your health massively but also makes a huge difference to the planet, to animals and to feeding the world. My hope is to continue to put the message out there.” Heather also says it’s an “obscenity” to take newborn calves from their mothers so people can have their milk which is designed for cows and not people.

    Regardless of her personal dramas and press coverage, I give Heather Mills’ pledge to end animal suffering a gold star!

  3. In 2003, McGowan put a 27lb turkey on his head and walked backwards for 11 miles shouting at overweight people to bring attention to the obesity epidemic.

    In 2003, McGowan put a 27lb turkey on his head and walked backwards for 11 miles shouting at overweight people to bring attention to the obesity epidemic.

    Remember when “vegetarian” artist Mark McGowan ate a swan as an anti-royalist protest? Well, now he’s an “animal rights activist” and he’s just eaten a corgi live on the radio (the very cool Resonance FM). Yoko Ono was there and had a taste too. They both agreed that corgi minced with apple and onion tasted disgusting.

    The corgi was not killed for this stunt–s/he died on a breeding farm. In his defense, McGowan said, “I know some people will find this offensive and tasteless but I am doing this to raise awareness about the RSPCA’s inability to prosecute Prince Philip and his friends shooting a fox earlier this year, letting it struggle for life for five minutes and then beating it to death with a stick.” This is not McGowan’s first fox-related meat eating: in 2004, he “dined on fox to highlight the plight of crackheads.”

  4. Diagram of a fruit fly will-finding contraption

    Diagram of a fruit fly will-finding contraption

    • It’s the 15th National Vegetarian Week in the UK. This year’s focus is on the environmental benefits of vegetarianism.
    • Scientists at Free University Berlin have deemed that fruit flies have free will. While I can’t endorse the research used to prove such a thing, this will help convince people that animals aren’t just reactive machines.
    • A litter of two-legged chihuahuas serves as a disturbing (but still darn cute) reminder of why dog breeding is maybe not such a good thing. (via Poop City)
    • A Long Island man was arrested for stealing copper pipes from an abandoned house to pay the vet bill for his cat who was injured in that same house. Do your animal-dependents have health insurance? (also via Poop City)
    • Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich was recently a guest on animal activist Bill Maher’s talk show (video, transcript). Towards the end of the segment there’s an odd, circuitous discussion of Kucinich’s veganism, mostly as it relates to health. It seems like Kucinich is going out of his way to not explicitly identify as a vegan. Hmm.
  5. As of May 1, Masterfoods, makers of popular candy bars such as Mars, Snickers and Twix, has switched to using calf-stomach-derived rennet to coagulate the milk for their chocolate. UK veggies, including the Vegetarian Society, are up in arms over this “backward step” and have whipped up a petition to try to get Masterfoods to switch back to a vegetarian coagulant.

    I’m impressed that these vegetarians insist this restricts their chocolate choices ever so much–I guess they only like calf stomach in their cheese?

    Update: Mars backpedals, will remain rennet-less.