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  1. Vegan Art Show Debuts in Madrid

    Filed under: Art & Craft Events UK

    Ni Musculos Ni Secreciones” (Neither Muscles Nor Secretions) is a gallery show comprised of various work by 15 vegan artists from Spain, the UK and the US. It’s on view every day from noon until 10pm through Wednesday, May 16. If you aren’t lucky enough to be in the Madrid area this week, check out some of the great images on the website (more coming soon) and show your support by friending them on MySpace. The show is sponsored by the mighty Sheese and La Boutique Vegetariana, a Spanish mail-order operation with all manner of exotic-sounding goods.

  2. Posh Spice, aka Victoria Beckham, is pissed that a pair of lambs Gordon Ramsey entrusted to her care for “a bit of a holiday” are actually being fattened up in preparation for his “F-Word” show’s season finale. Posh, “a devout vegetarian” according to her amazing spokespeople, is “distraught” over the situation. PETA has gotten involved, and is trying to rally support to save the lambs.

    It’s nice to see Posh showing some emotions–and here I thought robots couldn’t cry. I stand corrected. Girl power!

  3. It may sound sci-fi, but scientists now theorize that mobile phones could be to blame for Colony Collapse Disorder that’s struck bees across the U.S. and Europe. Scientists say the radiation given off by mobile phones and other high-tech gadgets may be interfering with the bees’ navigation systems, preventing them from finding their way back to their hives.

    Although sufficient hard proof of this theory is still lacking, research already suggests that cell phone radiation may have serious adverse effects on human health, causing brain tumors, reduced sperm counts and loss of brain cells. If cell radiation can do this to people, imagine what it could do to bees…

  4. “The goldfish simply stay away from the surface and all is well.”

  5. Yeah, Chrissie, WTF?

    Yeah, Chrissie, WTF?