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  1. – Enter the VegNews Magazine holiday cookie contest! Send cookie recipes to by tomorrow at 5pm PT or else you won’t win a Vitamix, Sticky Fingers treats, or chocolate from Allison’s gourmet!

    – Or, just make some of these 6 vegan cookie recipes instead.

    – Or-or watch Clara Cakes very own Clara (she is 15!) in her video “How to Make Vegan Mexican Wedding Cookies”.

    – Vegan handbag designer Melie Bianco is having a sale: 20% off with the code Happy Holidays.

    – Want to buy someone a vegan bakery for the holidays? Super Foxy Sweets is for sale! Email owner Jane Gish for more information.

    – Want to buy someone a fast casual restaurant for the holidays? Lyfe Kitchen to franchise.

    – Or, Dirt Candy owner Amanda Cohen says, maybe don’t.

    – Maybe just go eat out instead? LA Vegan Crepe opens tomorrow!

    – Is this the most expensive mixer you’ve ever seen?

    – According to The Daily Pennsylvanian veganism is sweeping the nation! “A Bon Appétit poll taken in 2006 and then again in 2010 showed that the number of college vegans doubled in that four-year period and that the number of vegetarians rose by 50 percent. “

    Send us news, tips, recipes, gossip, love notes!

  2. – MooShoes is hosting an Adoption Day for Heavenly Angels on Sunday, December 9th from 12-4 and will even pay half your adoption fee! For lots more info, including the adorable adoptees like Scooter and Penelope, check out the MooShoes website or the Facebook event

    – Steve-O stars with pigs in What Came Before, a new video from the fine folks at Farm Sanctuary Watch it or send it to other people here!

    – Warm up your ovens! Earth Balance is having a Holiday Bake-Off Competition and we want you to win! Here’s all the info you need, minus a great recipe.

    Vegan Holiday Shop-Ups are on! Saturday, December 8th, 15th, and 22nd, 12-5pm at Pine Box Rock Shop! Shop for yourself and or for others: “homemade nut milks, award winning cookies, holiday cakes, coffee, teas, kombucha, truffles, Ethiopian snacks, chocolates, plus, eco-friendly clothing, soaps, skin care, jewelry, the LIST GOES ON!”

    – Dirt Candy is having a holiday sale, too! Free shipping on t-shirts, cookbooks, tote bags and gift certificates!

    – NYCLASS shares news that last week saw two carriage horse accidents– one involving a carriage horse with a child passenger, a tour bus, and an SUV on 59th Street and 5th Ave. Help them gear up for the holiday season by volunteering for some holiday tourist outreach. Volunteer here!

    – Organic Avenue has a Midtown Pop-Up and they’re offering a $56 LOVE POP54 Cleanse to Celebrate. Find out all sorts of info about it here.

    – Help Compassion in World Farming end sow stalling in Europe! Send a prepared a final warning message to the agriculture ministers of nations set to be in breach of the forthcoming ban. Let them know it’s unacceptable to keep sows illegally in small cages for months on end.

    Send us tips so we know things!

  3. – “Military’s dogs of war also suffer post-traumatic stress disorder” via LATimes

    – Albania is planning to “celebrate” 100th birthday with mass slaughter of 1,000 lambs. via The Guardian

    – 585 South African rhinos have been killed so far this year, up from 13 in 2007. via The Guardian

    – Farmers want Killer Whales off the endangered species list so they can get more water for irrigation. “The quirky link between California cotton and melon farmers and the 85 killer whales, which spend much of the year around the Strait of Georgia, Juan de Fuca Strait and Puget Sound, is water in the Sacramento-San Joaquin river deltas. The water is needed for salmon, the preferred diet of killer whales, so farmers’ access to river water for irrigation has been limited.” via Times Colonist

    -And speaking of the sea, get 25% off purchases at the Sea Shepherd store, be entering coupon code HOLIDAY2012 until December 16th!

    – New Jersey mayor Cory Booker and vegetarian Cory Booker begins a food stamp challenge: $27.98 for one week. via The Republic

  4. Vegan Drinks Omaha’s first ever event is coming up on November 29th! Co-hosted by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and John of Laziest Vegans, you can also RSVP on Meetup or on The Facebook. According to our math, that’s one link for every Vegan Omahanian. Live in Not Omaha but still want to Vegan Drink? Find a Vegan Drinks in your city here.

    LA Vegan Drinks is Dec 5th!

    -AND, NYC Vegan Drinks is this Thursday!

    – Pet surgery could save human lives: “Many devoted pet owners are happy to spend thousands on operations for their cats and dogs – and these procedures could help teach scientists about human diseases, too.”

    – Sorry to say, Stogo’s is no mo’. You’ll have to get your Vegan ice cream elsewhere, East Villagers.

    Compassion Couture’s sale is till tomorrow! Go forth and shop, Vegans!

    Rauom, a company claiming to be, “the only US maker of an ancient Japanese delicacy – rich, creamy, intense cured tofu that occupies the niche vacated by cheeses in traditionally dairy free Japan” has newly arrived on the shelves of Fairway Markets on the UES and UWS in NYC. Has anyone tried it yet?

    Got any Hot Vegan Tips? E-mail us!