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Category Archive: Vegan MoFo 2009

Here are all the SuperVegan blog posts categorized under Vegan MoFo 2009. XML

  1. The Sea Shepherd vessel Steve Irwin is touring Australia

    The Sea Shepherd vessel Steve Irwin is touring Australia

    Hello all. As you may know, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society sends a ship to Antarctica each year, to stop the Japanese whaling fleet from killing whales. What you may not know is that the entirely vegan Sea Shepherd ship must rely completely on donations from the public for its supply of food. And food is of course one of the only pleasures you’re going to get in Antarctica (so good food is prized more than gold there).

    Well, Sea Shepherd has finally decided its ship’s food wish list for this year. Operation Waltzing Matilda, Sea Shepherd’s next Antarctic campaign to save the whales, takes off this December, so there’s still time to help stock the ship. The ship is currently in Australia, so it may be hard for NYC locals to donate to the ship of course, but if one reader has a friend who has a friend in Australia, or has a great deal on fedex and blenders, then who knows, concerned citizens from around the globe may all eventually pitch in to supply to the ship with all it needs. If you can, please help out! :)

    Now, if you want to help but can’t get items to Australia affordably or fast, you can always donate money directly to Sea Shepherd so they can buy these items. Thank you!

    Steve Irwin Current Wish List
    Location: Circular Quay Sydney 10am till 5pm until Monday 12th October

    Sea Shepherd Australia:

    Sour dough starter
    Industrial blender
    Wooden Chopping boards
    Tea towels
    Hand blender
    Food processor
    Green power champion juicer
    Black polar fleece balaclavas

    Food Needs:
    Soy milk
    Olive oil
    Brown rice
    Icing sugar
    Smoked paprika
    Bragg’s bouillon/amino acids
    Soft drinks
    Fruit juice
    Fresh herbs (parsley, basil, cilantro, etc.)
    Asian fake meat products
    Tofutti products – cream cheese, sour cream, cheese slices)
    Soy/veggie hot dogs/sausages
    Nuts and seeds (cashews, almonds etc)
    Dark vegan chocolate

    Non-Food Related But Badly Needed:
    AAA batteries.
    Portable battery charger 6,12,24 volt.
    Good quality hand held marine radios.

    This is one of Supervegan’s posts for Vegan MoFo 2009.

  2. Real, authentic photograph taken when I was sleeping

    Real, authentic photograph taken when I was sleeping

    To fall asleep, I count the leaves of kale in Bliss‘s Harvest Plate. The chocolate chips in Birdbath‘s vegan cookie. The dollops of vegan cream cheese on a bialy. The grains of salt in a basket of Mother’s sweet potato fries. I love me some very particular foods from all over this vegan-friendly city. Let’s face it—you can’t get everything you want from one source. There are far too many outstanding vegan dishes in New York to settle down at any one restaurant all day, so, to have the perfect day of vegan eating, you’re going to have to move around a little bit. This is my theoretical favorite foods day.

    Brunch at home. There are two things that ruin the first and most important meal of the day for me everywhere else. And please, for the love of brunch, correct me if I’m wrong on either of these points. 1. All restaurants make tofu scramble with nutritional yeast, which I can’t stand, and 2. No restaurant serves Lady Grey tea, anywhere. (I am kind of a packaged tea aficionado, which I realize gives me absolutely no cache in the real world of people who don’t throw tea parties on Boxing Day.) There is not space or time here to describe the elaborate spread that would make the perfect brunch. But there was in this post, in which a few SuperVegans gathered to test recipes from Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s latest cookbook for the potatoiest, scrambliest brunch in the land. Continue Reading…

  3. Bike as ice cream cone holder

    A bike outside of Natural Blend on Washington Avenue does double-duty as an ice cream cone holder.

    A recent announcement on the Brooklynian message boards that a Franklin Avenue “holistic and organic” coffee shop would soon open sans cow’s milk sent folks in a typing frenzy that the shop was destined to fail. Within two weeks, far in advance of the shop’s opening, the owners posted on Brooklynian that they would offer organic cow’s milk after all.

    But, for a few days, I was able to bask in the thought of my corner coffee shop as a truly vegan-friendly establishment. I wasn’t surprised to learn that cow’s milk would be offered, and I’m still thrilled that such a wide variety of non-dairy milk and vegan pastries will be available. Franklin Avenue is experiencing a bit of a renaissance, so one more reoccupied storefront is a good thing. (I would be remiss not to acknowledge that gentrification is driving up prices in the few local grocery options, but there’s not enough room here to do that type of unpacking.)

    Before I moved to Crown Heights, I did not expect much in the way of vegan eating beyond the options available in the neighborhood’s many fine West Indian restaurants. Since my arrival, I’ve amassed a diverse handful of go-to options when I need a quick vegan fix near my new home.
    Continue Reading…

  4. My weekend consisted of Zombies (Zombieland!), Roller-Girls (Whip-It!), thoughts of Vegan Twinkies (Woody Harrelson kicks ass!), Vegan Sushi (Soy and Sake!) and plenty of Vegan Movie Candy!

    In my humble opinion a movie should always be paired with some sort of snack; whether it be popcorn (most Movie Theater popcorn is vegan – sans buttersludge) or candy – even if you have to sneak it in.

    Join me as I rattle through my top five favorite movie snacks!
    Continue Reading…

  5. No Hot Dog For You!

    No Hot Dog For You!

    A couple of weeks ago The Village Voice pitted Baby Cakes against Doughnut Plant in a Doughnut throwdown (Babycakes won!) Yesterday they issued a veggie dog challenge in which LES’ Crif Dogs and Park Slope’s Bark went head to head.

    We would care if either of these two options were actually vegan.

    You see, while it’s nice that Bark uses Field Roast, they also happen to slather their dog in butter and mayo and serve it a non-vegan bun. Crif Dogs gets points for having both a vegan dog and toppings but falls a little short with their non-vegan bun* (And really, what’s a hotdog without a bun?)

    According to our handy-dandy restaurant guide Foodswings is the only place serving up all-vegan hotdogs. (although, to be fair, Kate’s Joint should probably get a mention).

    Any SV readers out there know of a good places to get an all-vegan hotdog? If you do, dump em’ in the comments section below!

    *I’ve called Crif Dogs various times to confirm if their bun was vegan and have gotten mixed answers over various tries

    This is one of Supervegan’s posts for Vegan MoFo 2009.