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Category Archive: Vegan MoFo 2010

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  1. Kima the turkey

    Look at that face. Vegans are weird for not wanting to kill her? Sponsor Kima or another turkey at Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt a Turkey project.

    New York is the best city in the world to be a vegan. Case in point: Thanksgiving. I dare any other city to match the number and variety of vegan options we have.

    Here’s SuperVegan’s round-up of where to eat vegan in NYC for Thanksgiving. Make make your restaurant reservations quickly; these places fill up fast!

    Angelica Kitchen is offering a five course prix fixe menu for $55; BYOB to save money. Thanksgiving is the only night Angelica takes reservations, so folks won’t have to queue up in the cold like usual. The dinner will also be available for take out from the juice bar if you’re not able to make a reservation.

    Place orders early for seasonal specialties from Babycakes. They’ll have spelt apple pie, apple crumb cake, pumpkin cupcakes, cornbread, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin bread for all your gluten-free and agave-sweetened needs.

    Blossom and Café Blossom are offering the same four-course menu for $68.

    Candle 79‘s four course prix fixe is available from 2pm-9pm and costs $72, while sister restaurant Candle Cafe gives you four courses for $55, plus a la carte options.

    Caravan of Dreams will be offering a three course prix fixe from 1-9pm for $45. Continue Reading…

  2. If you go to Key West, make sure you don't miss out on Green Republic.

    If you go to Key West, make sure you don’t miss out on Green Republic.

    If you’re planning a vegan vacation, the Conch Republic might not sound like your kind of place—as the name suggests, seafood abounds there. But I’ve been to Key West twice this year, and we actually had a lot more options than Happy Cow led me to believe we would.

    Upon arrival both times, we headed straight to The Cafe, a vegatarian restaurant on Southard St. with lots of vegan options. The restaurant’s really cute, with paintings by local artists on the walls and crayon drawings by its customers everywhere else. My husband’s not an edamame fan, so both times we started off with the Un-Wing Dings with BBQ sauce—breaded logs of tofu, kind of like what you’d find at Kate’s—which were just spicy enough for me and maybe just a little too much tofu for him. From there we moved on to the Kung Pao Tofu and Veggie Burger, both of which were really good and really substantial. The Kung Pao sauce was incredibly flavorful, and the burger really hit the spot, and not just because it was enormous. Next time we go I’d like to take their Seitan Pepper Steak with jasmine rice for a spin. Continue Reading…

  3. Vegan poster-girl Alicia Silverstone told that on occasion she might eat a piece of cheese. “If I was at a party and there was a tray of cheese sitting there and I had had drinks, then I might have a bite. …It’s human. It’s a really good reminder that sometimes you need to have what you remember is this good thing. Because then you have it, and you’re like, ‘Actually that wasn’t better than the recipes in my book,'” Silverstone told Us.

    And that’s a problem. But not because Alicia sometimes might occasionally/accidentally/drunkenly/whateverly eat a piece of cheese.

    Listen, I’m no purist. If you tell me you knowingly scarfed down a pack of Linden’s cookies on a seven-hour flight, I won’t be all, “YOU ARE NOT A VEGAN, MILK-FAT CONSUMER!!! AND HEY, WHAT ARE THOSE SHOES MADE OF? DO I DETECT LEATHER?!” In fact I’m high-fiving everyone, including Alicia, whose lifestyle is mostly vegan or moving in the vegan direction, and mostly not supporting needless suffering, environmental destruction, and the decline of individual and public health. But as vegans trying to proliferate veganism into the mainstream, it’s our responsibility to make clear to an overwhelmingly ignorant public why veganism is the best choice, not treat the subject all willy-nilly-let’s-go-eat-some-mozzarella-sticks. The masses love to pick at what they perceive as inconsistencies in the behavior of people who want to convince them of real, hard facts. I can just imagine some insecure meat-eater saying, “Hey, even Alicia Silverstone indulges in delicious, inimitable cheese! That means she’s not vegan and she hates cows, and therefore all vegans are hypocrites, so let’s pour cow fat on them, light a match, and celebrate by eating steaks wrapped in bacon!”

    Alicia, please don’t make us all look like floozies. As a celebrity with wide influence, you more than any of us mere mortals have to make veganism look good and sensical. Do you really need to eat cheese to remind yourself of why you don’t? (When I’m having a weak moment I just pick up Skinny Bitch or visit PETA‘s website and mosey over to the dairy cows section.) Or, hey, if you really need to eat cheese once a month–and I bet you don’t–, how about you just do it in the privacy of your own home where you’re not setting a bad real-life example for other humans who take cues from you like you’re still Cher and not tell a national magazine about it in a poorly veiled attempt to promote your book?

    The best figurehead for conscientious eating will keep in mind what’s best for farm animals, the environment, and the vegan movement, and that means making it look easy and right. Alicia, I want you to continue to be that person, so please, bring some Daiya to the next cocktail party. Or maybe a dish made from a recipe in this great vegan cookbook you might have heard of, The Kind Diet.

  4. Jean Paul Peanutier, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

    Jean Paul Peanutier, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

    I hit a bit of a snafu a few weeks ago—I was eloping and had planned to have a Peanut Butter Bomb shipped down for the occasion. It’s my absolute FAVORITE dessert, and even my husband craves it, he of the decided lack of sweet tooth. Our hearts were set on it, and I was determined to deliver. But you know what they say about the best-laid plans. So with hope in my heart, I contacted Vegan Treats and was told by a couple of different people that (a) they didn’t ship cakes anymore, and (b) they did but they didn’t know if they could ship to Florida. About a week before the wedding, amid a flurry of emails back and forth, I was finally told that they could ship a PBB to us, but between the overnighting, the ice packs, etc., it would be pretty expensive. Um, who cares? Just send the damn thing! But then of course—thank you, Murphy’s law—VT ran out of boxes and didn’t know when they’d be getting more in. Seriously? You ran out of boxes??? So now I had a cake topper and no cake to put it on. Great.

    Perplexed and disappointed, I contacted Cocoa V, progeny of my favorite NYC restaurant, Blossom. Turns out they make a chocolate-peanut butter tart, which isn’t on their online menu. Yay! Um, except that they don’t ship cakes to Florida. I was starting to get a complex.

    Now desperate, I did a search for local bakers with vegan offerings—not an easy task down here. But I found a few. Bunnie Cakes seemed promising, but the owner didn’t get back to me in time. Peace a’ Cake did, in fact, have a chocolate-peanut butter cake. But for some reason, their PB treats are the only ones they make that aren’t vegan. (Does that make sense to you?) Finally, as a last resort I tried Cupcake Couture in Delray Beach. CC makes some of the most beautiful confections I’ve ever seen, and I was told they could do vegan vanilla, chocolate and red velvet cupcakes. I’d been striking out pretty badly and had zero expectations. But it was our wedding, after all, so I had to ask: Could they possibly make their Jean Paul Peanutier—a rich chocolate cake with delectable peanut butter frosting, just velvety and sweet enough to be habit-forming but not heavy or overwhelming—vegan, and as a cake, pretty please and with sugar on top? Hell yes, they could! And hell yes, they did. And it was amazing! And so it was that we got our chocolate-peanut butter wedding cake, and it was delicious, and we lived happily ever after. All hail Cupcake Couture!

    What’s your favorite sweet indulgence, readers? And to what lengths would you go to acquire it? Share with us in the comments!

  5. Watercolor by Jason Das.

    Watercolor by Jason Das.

    New York City is a mecca for vegan food, a place where you can find abundant ways to fill any craving. Today, let’s zero in on the many ways to fulfill your desire for ice cream!

    Lula’s Sweet Apothecary (100% Vegan)
    They’re a good spot for the soy-averse as most of their ice cream is nut-based. All Lula’s ice cream is house-made and they have an array of daily rotating flavors that would make Ben and Jerry jealous. Soft-serve, egg creams, malts, shakes, and sundaes are also available, along with a slew of classic ice cream toppings.
    Also available at: Cafe Blossom, Foodswings, and John’s of 12th St.
    Must try: Cake Batter Soft-Serve

    Stogo (100% Vegan)
    A nice choice for those averse to nuts or refined sugar as most flavors are soy- or coconut-based and sweetened with agave. All the ice cream is house-made and they have a wide assortment of flavors laid out like a gelato stand. They also carry Babycakes‘ cupcakes. This is a good place for something light or something rich, with choices ranging from fruit sorbet to rich hemp-based flavors.
    Also available at: Caravan of Dreams
    Must try: Salted Caramel Pecan

    We New Yorkers are lucky to have these two 100% vegan ice parlors, but there are dozens of other places in town serving vegan ice cream or ice-cream-like stuff. Read on for a comprehensive list. Continue Reading…