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Category Archive: Vegan MoFo 2011

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  1. I eat a lot of takeout and junk, then periodically I try to clean up by going on a cleanse. I spoke with Denise Mari, the founder and executive director of Organic Avenue, and asked her to tell me more about her juicing empire, why it’s important to say your affirmations, and raw vs. cooked food.

    Denise, you founded Organic Avenue in 2000 because you believe in whole foods and healing. Why did you focus primarily on juice instead of raw foods?

    Actually, I focused on the whole lifestyle from the very beginning, even more extensively at first with food, fashion and education. I believe in a holistic view of life and an organic LOVE* (Live. Organic. Vegan. Experience)-based lifestyle that includes juicing, cleansing, raw and vegan foods, beauty and skin care, fashion, education, inspiration and meditation. I feel that a commitment to the LOVE* lifestyle requires focus and dedication and a well-rounded approach. Juicing is key and a jumpstart to cleansing and detoxification, which assists in focus and motivation, as health benefits and results are noticed quickly.

    What is the origin of the name L.O.V.E.: Live, Organic, Vegan, Experience?

    A lifelong journey of learning and discovering led to relationships that inspired me. A dear friend, Dr. Shawn Miller from California, encouraged the use of LOVE* as a tagline to what Organic Avenue was about. I tweaked it a bit to come up with Live. Organic. Vegan. Experience, yet he was largely the inspiration for the use of this acronym. I give him credit and am eternally grateful to him. Therefore, LOVE* is the central theme of my life and business. Continue Reading…

  2. In the heart of Manhattan’s “Little India” rests the crown jewel of culinary delights: Kalustyan’s Specialty Grocery Store. Founded in 1944, it’s chock-full of authentic South Asian and Middle Eastern foods for both the discerning and novice chef to explore.

    If you’ve never been, you are in for a treat. It’s a particularly lovely place for vegan grocery shopping. (They sell some meat, but not a lot of it and it’s mostly in the frozen section.) And for the daunted novice, their staff is knowledgeable and very helpful.

    Spend some time strolling through the narrow rows of shelves packed with everything Middle Eastern, South Asian, and yummy! You’ll find bins of different kinds of nuts and dried fruit, which you can buy in bulk. Their jumbo dates are the best I’ve ever had. Dense and sweet, they are a satisfying morning meal with coffee.

    A half aisle is devoted to different kinds of rice! There are condiments galore, a dizzying selection of cooking oils, and the spice section will blow your senses away. Arranged alphabetically, you can buy spices ground or whole in three, seven, or fourteen ounce bags; some are available in super-size five pound bags.

    A refrigerated section displays tubs of their ready-made specialties, like hummus, baba ghanoush (best I’ve ever had), tabouli, grape leaves (awesome), chick peas with tomatoes, etc., etc.

    According to their website, they have 30 varieties of dried whole chilies and chili powders, 50 varieties of beans, and 180 kinds of teas. Upstairs you can explore their 100+ selection of teas, many available in bulk. Sniffing the different blends–chai, jasmine, coconut, earl grey–is a kind of aromatherapy and I highly recommend it.

    Oh, and did I mention they have a sandwich and olive bar upstairs? ‘Tis true. You can munch on a falafel & humus sandwich complete with crunchy pickle and watch the line of taxis jostling for parking below. Continue Reading…

  3. -In case Halloveegan isn’t enough to fill your Saturday plate, there’s also an all you can eat Vegan buffet! The brunch, presented by Pop-Up Vegan Brunch Cafe, celebrates Dia de los Muertos and ten percent of all sales will be donated to Animal Media Rescue & Education (ARME). Tickets are $10 in advance, $15 at the door. Here’s the menu.

    -Another day, another celeb opens a restaurant … not quite! The Hollywood Reporter reports that Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi (and Chrissie Hynde and Steve Bing) are opening a Vegan restaurant on Ventura Boulevard in the SFV, menu courtesy none other than Tal Ronnen. Guess we won’t have to drive to Vegas to eat Gardein anymore! Designer to the stars, Waldo Fernandez, will “create the space.”
    UPDATE: According to EaterLA, the restaurant will open in January and serve Mediterranean foods.

    -Vegans make for more TeeVee fodder. Anyone see this week’s episode of South Park? Can I call a Clam on this one, Guys? Pun intended.

    • A screening of Forks Over Knives convinced Ozzy Osbourne to go vegan in an effort to stay healthy. Maybe he can take cooking classes with this guy.
    • Same thing happened to Russell Brand after seeing the film. Meanwhile, over at Smith, students were in an uproar over rumors that the school was going completely vegetarian and locavore. Like that’s a bad thing?
    • Famous veggie Paul McCartney released his first vegetarian cookbook this week, The Meat-Free Monday Cookbook. And on the other side of the Channel, the French government has said Non! to vegetarian meals in schools. What the foudre?
    • Chrissie Hynde’s Akron restaurant, VegiTerranean, might be closing, but the singer is set to open up a new vegan eatery in LA with Ellen and Portia.
    • Don’t throw meatballs at vegan actress Lea Michele if you don’t want to get kicked off the set of Glee. Well, unless they’re these.
    • I don’t know about you, but I don’t get out to Jersey much. Which is why I’m thrilled the Cinnamon Snail Truck is heading to Manhattan and Brooklyn starting in mid-November.
  4. Darwin Animal Doctors Logo

    Darwin Animal Doctors will provide veterinary consultations and basic care for animals at OWS

    This is a general call for people to bring vegan dog food, vegan cat food, Frontline, and other pet supply donations to the Darwin Animal Doctors veterinary campaign at Occupy Wall Street this Sunday morning.

    Humans aren’t the only ones occupying Wall Street. Most people don’t realize that the dogs of Wall Street have been right there alongside their fellow human OWS protesters this whole time. Many of them being very active participants.

    (Photo from

    These furry companions have been living in an outdoor public space, shared by countless humans and other animals, where intense events and weather have been happening for weeks. Some of these animals and their human companions are homeless. A veterinary campaign to serve these loyal animals is long overdue.

    (Photo from

    On Sunday, October 30th, from 11am to 12pm, Darwin Animal Doctors (DAD) will hold a veterinary campaign at OWS’s Zuccotti Park, on the south side of the park, near the Medical Tent.

    DAD will provide two vet techs for animal consultations, and DAD volunteers will hand out basic necessities for the outdoor environment like flea/tick treatments, dog food, pamphlets on low-cost vet care resources for the city, and items like doggie beds to keep pets warm and comfortable in the park. But the supplies are limited, and DAD needs your help. At the campaign, DAD specifically need people to bring donations of more of the following to the park:

    – Vegan dog food
    – Vegan cat food
    – Frontline or any flea/tick treatment
    – Heartgard
    – Dog-sized blankets
    – Dog and cat toys
    – Doggie beds
    – Large tupperware containers to keep pet food sealed and protected from rodents

    It’s getting cold outside. Help these brave companions stay fed, healthy, and warm!