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  1. Designer Nicora Johns‘ cruelty-free, eco-friendly, made in the U.S.A. shoe line is almost 60% funded on Kickstarter and there are only 5 days left for them to reach their goal by August 18th, and for you to get incredibly cute vegan shoes. I mean, just look at some of these designs:


    I would wear all of those shoes, especially those lace-up boots! Nicora Johns offers women’s and men’s sizes, depending on the design, and pledges start at $5. All pledges come with a reward, but shoe rewards start at the $85 pledge level. The company aims to ” … bring you quality handmade shoes while bringing jobs back to the United States through environmentally-sound production and affordable pricing.” Sounds like a noble cause, and we can’t argue with the fact that all of their designs are made without animals.

    So if you’re in the market for some cute fall flats or boots, or you just want to help out an awesome company, contribute to their Kickstarter page and get yourself a little something.

  2. So last night and into this morning, the vegan equivalent of the Amy’s Baking Co. Facebook meltdown went down between Jay Astafa and the two current owners of 3 Brothers Pizza Cafe’s Rockville Centre location. Of course, nothing can top the ridiculousness of Amy’s Baking Co., and I’m happy to say no one in the vegan community has yet to publicly act like such a hot mess on social media (that I’m aware of), but this incident was certainly embarrassing for everyone involved.

    For those who are unfamiliar with Jay and 3 Brothers, 20-year-old Jay Astafa is quickly establishing himself  as a phenomenal vegan chef. He created the excellent vegan menu at 3 Brothers Pizza Cafe in Rockville Centre, NY, which was started by his father and has since changed ownership. Jay recently opened up a second 3 Brothers location in Farmingdale and is no longer involved with the original location. He also hosted a pop-up dinner earlier this month in NYC, called Jay Kitchen, and has expressed interest in expanding it to a full-service restaurant in the city. I know nothing about the new 3 Bros RVC owners, and couldn’t find much about the sale online.

    I’ll pause here to say that if you haven’t eaten at 3 Bros, it’s amazing. I went to the Rockville Centre location last year, when Jay’s family still owned it, and it was probably one of the best vegan eating experiences I’ve had in the NYC area. Jay Astafa and 3 Brother’s are a staple in the Long Island vegan community, and the restaurant’s vegan menu, when I tried it, was exceptional. They even served a complimentary bread basket with Earth Balance. Free Earth Balance. The restaurant also offered plenty of gluten free options. I have yet to go back since the Rockville Centre location changed hands, nor have I tried the Farmingdale restaurant.

    The Facebook meltdown that occurred last night has since been taken down, but luckily I took some screen caps on my phone. I’ve pasted them below, with commentary. Please note that I didn’t grab shots of the entire incident, only parts of it.

    Continue Reading…

  3. bleatlogoBuzz has been rising about a new website called Bleat, launching next week. All they’ve got up for now is a teaser site, and what a tease it is!

    They promise “a vast comprehensive vegan resource” including recipes, worldwide restaurant and hotel guides, a marketplace, an excellent social network, plus all the informational resources you can shake a stick at. And they are not modest “How do we sum Bleat up? Well, Bleat isn’t just a vegan social network and it’s certainly far from just a vegan directory. Simply put, it’s a whole new way to get the absolute most from your vegan lifestyle.”

    This level of boasting that sets a very high bar. Bleat is either going to be the site we’ve all been missing or a massive disappointment. I’m hoping for the former, but I carry deep within me the trauma of a internet littered with the twitching remnants of past attempts at vegan soup-to-nuts sites. (Including some past lives of SuperVegan, yes.)

    The teaser site was also weirdly anonymous. No names, no sponsoring companies, just this big talk and video voiced by a guy who sounds like his next job is a toothpaste commercial. But via some gentle ribbing on Twitter, we heard back from Bleat founders Matthew Glover and Mike Dean, and they actually seem like open and communicative guys. I asked Mike a bunch of questions over e-mail and he replied right away. (Spoiler: on hearing more details, it doesn’t sound any less ambitious.) Continue Reading…

  4. Did you know that animal rights groups became the “number one domestic terrorism threat” in this country?

    I didn’t, until I read an interview with journalist and author Will Potter on the Animal Legal Defense Fund website.

    Potter, “is an award-winning independent journalist based in Washington, D.C., who focuses on ‘eco-terrorism,’ the animal rights and environmental movements, and civil liberties post-9/11. His work has appeared in the Chicago Tribune, the Huffington Post, and the Vermont Law Review.” After getting arrested for leafletting, threatened by the FBI, and then testifying before Congress, he became “obsessed” with finding out how this terrifying reality came to be.

    Drawing comparisons to the “Red Scare” era, Potter’s book, Green Is The New Red: An Insider’s Account of a Social Movement Under Siege is, “a thrilling memoir that contextualizes the federal Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA).” AETA, he explains, was created to expand on the Animal Enterprise Protection Act (AEPA), which was deemed “inadequate in going after radical groups.”

    The article also goes on to discuss the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which might be even more scary; “a secretive organization that allows corporations to literally write bills that have been introduced around the country—with lawmakers having no idea that they were actually drafted by corporations themselves”, and provides a link to Potter’s Congressional testimony. I need a hug!