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  1. Time was, if you were a foodie and wanted to see food being prepared by someone other than yourself, you’d have to go online or wait for a live version of a TV show to take place at a venue near you. Because if Food Network stars even heard the word “vegan,” they’d run from you. But supposedly, tomorrow night at 9pm, there will finally be something on the Cooking Channel for the rest of us: The Veg Edge.

    Now, I say supposedly because when’s the last time a vegan cooking show actually aired on a food-centric channel? Maybe I’m just being paranoid, but the show’s link isn’t working, and that makes me a little nervous. That said, the episode description intrigues: “The Veg Edge journeys the country unearthing a new breed of vegetarians. From a punk rock vegan in L.A. to vegetable-loving firemen deep in the heart of Texas to a kickboxing chef who serves up meatless Mondays at his high-end NYC restaurant.” And some of the recipes sound amazing—Chocolate Mousse Served in Edible Chocolate Dessert Cups With Raspberry Sauce, anyone?—while others come from decidedly familiar sources. Speaking of which, anyone know who the other featured vegheads will be?

    If you forget to set your DVR—or if for some reason the show doesn’t air…—there’s something new online, too. Howard Stern sidekick Robin Quivers just launched her own vegan cooking show, Vegucating Robin, where chef Gavan Murphy teaches her how to incorporate variety into her diet.

    But back to the Edge: Now that one vegan show has slipped through the Cooking Channel cracks, will an avalanche of them follow, or is this a one-shot deal? A vegan can hope!

  2. Food Fight! Vegan Grocery

    Keepin’ it real with Food Fight! Vegan Grocery

    Get yourself to the new and improved Food Fight! Vegan Grocery website STAT! Our favorite brick-and-mortar vegan convenience store recently relaunched its online store with a greater selection of the products you once could only buy in its Portland storefront. The site boasts a slew of new features, such as “kosher,” “gluten-free” and “organic” search options, user-generated ratings and wish lists that you should populate and share with your family and friends in the days leading up to the winter holidays.

    Here’s a shortlist (in no particular order) of the Food Fight! Vegan Grocery items available online that we’re loving as of late:

    1. Butler Soy Curls
    2. Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter
    3. Tartex Organic Pâté
    4. Shikai Biker Soap
    5. Food Fight! Chico Bag

    Food Fight! Vegan Grocery is open 24/7 at and from 10:00am to 8:00pm every day at 1217 SE Stark St., Portland, OR 97214.

  3. There’s more daily deal services than you can shake a stick at these days (Groupon, Living Social, Scoutmob, KGB Deals, Tippr, BuyWithMe, etc.). It’s not uncommon for them to offer deals for vegan-friendly restaurants or “green” businesses. And while they push a lot of crap, I’ve been happy to snap up Groupons for cheaper food at Maoz Vegetarian, Terri, Pure Food and Wine, Cocoa V, and Foodswings over the last year or so.

    Anyway, there’s a new kid on the block, MindBodyGreen. For now, they’re NYC only, but they’re planning to launch in other cities. To quote them, “MindBodyGreen New York brings its members great deals on the best healthy and green experiences in New York. If we like the yoga classes at a studio, the organic products at a spa, or the eco-chic clothing at a boutique, our members will too! Living healthier and greener just got easier – and at a great price.”

    If that sounds good to you, go sign up. You can tell their heart is in the right place because their graphic design is terrible. If you’re just a cheap food-eating person like me, you might want to join, too–two of the deals they’ve got up right now are for Gustorganics and Vegan Divas cookies.

    Of course, remember your three “R”s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. I’m pretty sure most of what you’ll get via MindBodyGreen won’t help you with any of these. But maybe it will help you spend less money on greener things than you would otherwise spend it on.

  4. SXSW Panel Picker Logo

    Pick Panels Not Noses!

    Remember when you learned about new music through those little booklets called “zines”? You read a short paragraph review of a record, took a gamble on it by sending your well-concealed cash to the distro, and a few weeks later the United States Postal Service delivered the record to your door? Well, South By Southwest (SXSW) has been around since those halcyon days, too, but it doesn’t mope around and wax nostalgic about the golden years prior to the Internet Revolution. Nowadays, it still organizes a bazillion live shows, as well as a film festival and a surprisingly diverse interactive portion that plays host to a slew of panels, such as those featuring bloggers who want to talk about blogging to other bloggers! Futuristic stuff!

    Our pal Stephanie of The Lazy Smurf’s Guide to Life has envisioned a panel for vegans to call their very own at the next SXSW in March 2011. Here’s the official description of “Internet Activism Vegan Bloggers Take Over the World“:

    A surge of vegan bloggers has been using the internet to make change in the way people think about animals through new forms of activism. VeganMoFo (the vegan month of food) and worldwide Vegan Bakesales to raise money for causes and promote veganism are just some of the ways that we are breaking out of the stereotypes of the past and creating a revolution. Learn creative ways to promote your message and engage your community on & off the web and more about food activism and using your culinary skills to promote compassion.

    SXSW panels are decided by crowd-sourcing, so please vote if you want to see SXSW get more vegan-friendly next year! Voting was originally scheduled to close last night, but it’s been extended through this weekend, so cast your vegan vote by 11:59 CST Sunday, August 29th, and your vote shall be counted!

  5. It is so rare that my daily Groupon e-mail says “vegan” in the subject, but today is one of those bright, sunshiny days. For $5 you can buy a $10 credit for food at Terri. The Groupon expires one year from now and you can buy up to two. Beware: you have to use it all in one delicious visit. Tell all your friends!

    Oh, and note! As of this writing, more than 950 Terri Groupons have been purchased. Wowza!