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Chicago Restaurants Serving Foie Gras

Did they really need to put it on their pizza?

Did they really need to put it on their pizza?

I don’t know what’s more unsettling: the fact that some Chicago restaurants that had never offered it before decided to serve foie gras in protest of the ban or that nothing was done about it (in one restaurant, an entire table of police officers merely watched as foie gras was served around them).

The news that Chicago had banned the sale of foie gras was music to animal lovers’ ears. But the law serves no purpose if it’s not enforced.

Here’s hoping Chicago starts punishing offenders and lives up to its promise to keep foie gras out of its restaurants.


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    Very few people care about any animals other than the ones that live with them…the geese are screwed….

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    Roseann Marulli

    on #

    Sadly, baydrive, you’re right. It’s all relative. While everyone was up in arms about the Chinese dog slaughter, they don’t give a thought to what happens to the animals that end up on their plates. The last graf of this article says it all:

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    frank language

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    Wow…maybe they’ll get the hint that if they legalize drugs, drug use will go down. Naaa…there’s too big a drug-enforcement industry out there. Nevermind.

    But apropos to the foie-gras issue: some people would feed foie gras to their cats if there were a foie gras cat food available. It’s not that they’re being deliberately mean; it’s that most people are unconscious.

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    I think what was most disturbing was Logo’s (gay cable channel) coverage of the protest by Chicago restaurants of the foie-gras ban on their CBS news brief. They actually tried to suggest that the gay community would be hardest hit by this ban since foie-gras is considered a staple of fine gay dining. As a gay vegan, I was so offended by this simple-minded blanket portrayal of gay people and their eating habits. I strongly identify with the gay and lesbian community largely because of its sensitivity to civil rights issue and was extremely disappointed with Logo in playing to the gay stereotype (yet again.) Believe me, I know plenty of gay people who were thrilled with the foie-gras ban in Chicago and are looking forward to it eventually being banned in New York as well.