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Classy Vegan Meals: Fatty’s & Co

If you like upscale vegetarian and Vegan meals and are anywhere in the Greater Los Angeles Area, or anywhere near an airport that will get you to the Greater Los Angeles Area, go (or go back) to Fatty’s & Co!

Ate & Rate:

Far East Rolls
spicy ginger seitan, cabbage and carrots served with mango dipping sauce

These might have been my favorite part of the meal. If you like spring rolls, you must get these, they’re the best I’ve ever had. And I’ve had a lot of spring rolls. The seitan and the general texture and flavors of the filling inside the rolls was not fair to any food I’ll ever eat again. And the sauce!

Blackened Tempeh
organic cutlets pan fried w/4 spices, sweet red bell pepper sauce and lime zest on a bed of arugula

I don’t even like tempeh and these might have been my favorite part of the meal. Spicy!

Corn Tortilla Soup
soup of the day!

This soup might have been my favorite part of the meal. So much flavor and texture, I wanted to lick the bowl clean. Crunchy soup?! Gimme!

Corn Risoles
fresh organic corn ravioli with basil pesto, fresh tomato and multi-colored pepper salpicon

Have you even ever heard of a risole? Or salpicon? I’m pretty sure they’re French for scrumptious. Even though I was not expecting them to be fried, the ravioli (which were more like little dumplings) and accompanying sauce and garnish were sweet & sour & savory AND, dare I say, Umami? I’ve had pesto and hummus combined in a dish and it was delicious. Now pesto and corn! Is there anything that pesto isn’t good with? This might have been my favorite part of the meal.

a mildly spicy gratin of chickpeas, red lentils, mushrooms and onions layered with eggplant, garlic mash potatoes and tomato sauce Provencal

This was the most beautiful part of the meal. Tasty, too! Wasn’t my favorite part of the meal, but I was dang full by this point already, so it isn’t really fair to say that Mousacca wasn’t my favorite part of the meal. It was spicy in a middle eastern sort of way, and kind of like a shepherd’s pie, with a really nice and basil-ey pasta sauce.

Top Crust Apple Pie A La Mode
made with organic Fuji apples

This was one ginormo piece of pie, but sadly it was too dark and too delicious to be photographed. It was also so big it might not fit into one frame. It was Dollywood-sized. If you’ve ever been to Dollywood, youknowwhatImean. The soy ice cream was amazing, definitely worth adding. The desserts in general seemed really large. Every table around us got the amazing looking cotton candy that is spun to order from pure Vermont maple sugar and those folks went up a mountain and came down a hill.

These pics are from our Instagram account– wearesupervegan — follow us, won’t you?

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