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As of October, 2013, SuperVegan is no longer under active development.
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COK Launches & Restaurant Contest on

(It’s Pride! Of course I have to write about COK! Hmm…I mean, “C.O.K.”)

Compassion Over Killing has rolled out to save those in the Southern hipster capital from getting their angled hair all tangled up when they are searching for veg-friendly bites.

And back at their home base and the nation’s capital, COK is rallying up votes for their first annual DC-Metro Best Vegetarian Restaurant contest on But considering that DC votes don’t really matter, what’s with this whole voting business involving DC? Really, they could have just asked me! (My votes are: Soul Vegetarian, Yuan Fu, and Sunflower!)

In other news…sadly, WrapWorks on Dupont Circle in DC has closed. Their Green Party Wrap (grilled veggies and mango salsa with perfectly seasoned rice) and Lambada Colada (think pina colada with strawberries, raspberries, and mangos added for extra-awesomeness) were my absolute favs. I used to go to WrapWorks every time I’m down in DC. Where oh where will I go now? I miss you so much!!


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    If you’re ever in the Cambridge, MA area, check out Veggie Planet in Harvard Square. Some of their dishes contain dairy but they have PLENTY of yummy ass vegan options, and don’t get me started on their amazing Sunday brunch (12-3). They make a mean tofu scramble. Their coffee cake is always vegan, always amazing. I’ll stop now. I’m sure y’all get my point.

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    Sorry, didn’t realize I was commenting on an old post. My bad.