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COK teaches folks that compassion can come cheap

Filed under: Food Shopping

When engaging in vegan advocacy, I often encounter people who perceive the cost of a vegan lifestyle as prohibitive. Somehow many people think you have to have lots of extra grocery money or a personal chef to be vegan. Extra probing usually reveals that people have this idea either because the only vegans they’ve heard of are celebrities or because they’ve spotted pricey meat and dairy analogs in the supermarket. I also imagine it’s because the media presents most veg*ns as middle class White folks.

I always point out that there are lots of vegan warriors out there who are not affluent. Vegans are in every economic, social, cultural, and political group imaginable. We just don’t hear about them because, well—how often do you ever hear about non-affluent, non-White people in the media? While it’s true that most veg restaurants don’t have a dollar menu, if you plan well and are crafty you don’t exactly need to be Prince to go vegan.

I’m ecstatic that Compassion Over Killing (COK) addresses this issue in a new page on their website. Vegan Eating on a Budget helps budding budget-conscious vegans discover nutritious recipes and meal plans to suit their lifestyle. The page also features a few more general money saving tips.

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