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Compassion Over Killing Airs MTV Pro-Vegetarian Ad Nationally

Compassion Over Killing has done a great job of placing vegetarian tv commercials on stations like MTV in the past, and now their pro-vegetarian campaign is going national. Check out the new tv ad “A Spot of Truth”.

COK writes, “Imagine if fast food restaurants offered diners a side of truth with every meal—truth about where their meat, eggs, and dairy products really come from. That’s exactly what happens in COK’s newest 30-second commercial—“A Side of Truth”—hitting the MTV airwaves this fall, reaching more than 21 million cable subscribers nationwide.”

Efforts are being made to raise funds for the ad after receiving an extremely generous pledge of $25,000 to match the first $25,000 donated.


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    Hi pasty weaklings drop by this site

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    Hello, my name is Brook Wilson and I just saw on the news that they are building roads through the Serengeti Park. That would kill several animals including many endangered species. It’s in Africa so we can’t stop it but, if we can get all the animal rights activist groups together we can make it public, fight and raise money so the proper safety steps are taken so there is minimal harm and deaths to the animals. I would greatly appreciate your help.
    Sincerely Brook Wilson