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Correspondence from Antarctica: View from the Sea Shepherd Ship the Bob Barker, Part 2

(photo credit: Glenn Lockitch)

(photo credit: Glenn Lockitch)

An update on the current Antarctic campaign, from Sea Shepherd crew member Andrea Gordon.

This message was transmitted to New York from the Bob Barker vessel via satellite.

On the Bob Barker, right now it’s Feb 11th and 1:26am. I’m waiting for my 2am shift to start and just still so super happy that the whalers are still running – five days and counting! Yesterday, we chased them north out of the JARPA 2 zone. It’s their self-appointed kill zone starting at 60 degrees latitude South. In order to give them a proper Sea Shepherd send off, the Steve Irwin circled the Nisshin and hosed them down with their water cannon.

The sun came out for a little while this afternoon – it was the first time in over a week! We used the opportunity to get an all crew photo on the ship. The Bob pulled up alongside the Nisshin and everyone went out to the helicopter deck. Of course, the Nisshin didn’t know what was going on, thought they were under attack, and blasted their side water cannons. Then, the Shonan rushed to catch up with us from behind,with their water cannons blazing and gray smoke puffing out of their exhaust. Meanwhile, we were all just out on the helicopter deck having a nice group photo in the sun ;) It was almost comical, except for my ever-present thought that our mission is a matter of life and death for the whales.

The whalers just turned southwest though, as I write this. It may be because we were about to hit another nasty storm with 20+ foot swells. The harpoon boats, which turn unbelievably fast, don’t actually do that well in rough seas. Despite the whalers’ repeated attempts to try to shake us by zigzagging, speeding up and then slamming on the brakes, our tough 60-year-old ship has been handling perfectly. I sure love the Bob!

Ok, I gotta run to my shift, more soon mi amigo!


  1. Comment by


    on #

    Go Dra!!!!!

  2. Comment by

    Kimitake Hiraoka

    on #

    Look at these losers. Failed to stop the whaling again. Time to refund the donations, fellas.

  3. Comment by

    Eat MEAT

    on #

    S/S should and will be prosecuted for their illegal actions.
    Fat paulie watson and crew are frauds and criminals.