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Cosmo’s Opens Offline Shoppe in Atlanta

Filed under: Atlanta Shopping
Cosmo's Offline Shoppe

Online retailer Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe has opened a brick-and-mortar offline retail store at 672 Highland Avenue in Atlanta’s Inman Park neighborhood.

It actually opened a month ago, but I only just learned about it from the Food Fight! blog. Apparently Cosmo’s has a blog, too (how did I not know that before?!) and now I’m subscribed to it. Their blog features quite a few entries about the store opening, including a bunch of great photos. It really looks like an awesome store! They also got a sweet write-up in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

I really love the idea of food and sundries stores that are loudly and explicitly vegan (like Food Fight! or Cosmo’s), as opposed to health food stores that maybe happen to be vegan. Why doesn’t New York have one of these?


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    I agree! I’ve thought about opening a Food Fight type store here, but thinking is different from doing.

  2. Comment by

    al oof

    on #

    it’s kind of egregious. i mean, this city is huge. why don’t we have more vegan bakeries (on site bakeries, there are a lot of vegan treats outlets). vegan pizza? this is nyc! we should have 5 totally vegan food/convenience stores, at least. we need more vegan entrepreneurs. i’d also be psyched for a vegan knitting store. where are all the vegan entreprenuers?

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    I think it’s the high rents Aloof. Look at how far away Vegan Treats is – and she’s certainly got the rep, if not the biz/dollars.

    In which ‘hood, Tiffany?

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    i can only dream of places like this in Italy, where I live…

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    Rue all you like but please remain grateful for the choices that you have in nyc. I’m in Brisbane, Australia and there is such little choice here… I miss nyc… red bamboo, wholefoods, tien garden etc. Even something simple like tofurky jerky… be grateful!

  6. Comment by

    al oof

    on #

    you’re right, leunerj! i’m spoiled because i don’t know what it’s like to live elsewhere. but today i thought of another vegan thing we need in nyc. vegan mr. softee! the chicago soy dairy makes soft serve mix. it would be so easy. just a little start up capital……..

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    I had no idea Chicago soy dairy had soft serve. I love their ice cream.
    Vegand… I live near mccarren park, so I’d probably start a shop on the northside of williamsburg. I think it could do good business, just one stop from manhattan. dreams.

  8. Comment by

    al oof

    on #

    tiffany – i think mccarren park would be a good place for mr. veganeee also. an all vegan store would probably do good in the LES too, near babycakes and mooshoes.

  9. Comment by

    Narconon Arrowhead

    on #

    Sweet. I will check that out. Thank you for tell me.