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D Is for Delicious

There are so many things that are just not right about Los Angeles. It’s 80 degrees in January, bars close at 2 a.m., and rush hour starts at 2:30 in the afternoon. BUT! Then there are other things that are trying for good, they really are, but they just aren’t quite making it — carpool lanes that trap you inside like a high-security prison; a public transportation system that goes from nowhere to nowhere because Beverly Hills, which is smack dab in the middle, wouldn’t let us regular people ride through it; and a restaurant grading system with a curve that looks like a ride at Six Flags.

I know what you’re thinking, “Did you say restaurant grading system?” Yes, yes I did. Thanks to the LA County Department of Public Health, restaurants are assigned a letter grade based on their inspection, and then are legally required to post said letter grade, in the form of a 12″ sign in their front window. Here’s the thing though, pretty much every restaurant you see gets an A; there are no Ds or Fs (in open facilities), so how reliable is it? If most places are getting As, what does that say about a B? That it’s really kind of like a C-? It passes, but you KNOW there is definitely stuff they’re doing wrong. And a C? That’s probably akin to an F; you’re risking your life by eating there and what’s on the plate is anybody’s guess.

What if this program existed in New York? My guess: there would be no restaurants and the city’s inhabitants would die of malnutrition. It’s sort of an unspoken understanding that when you eat food in NYC, it’s at least a little bit dirty. My palette has even acquired this taste because to me, B stands for Better in LA cuisine.

Well guess what, East Coast folks, prepare to have your minds blown and your stomachs turned. (WARNING: This is not for the faint of heart.) Go to this website, type in the name of your favorite eatery, and behold their abysmal score (lower is better). You too can know whether your regular lunch spot has mice infestations, rat infestations, or both! And lest you think that vegan restaurants aren’t prey due to their lack of meaty supplies to be fed upon, think again. Some of my favorite spots are just one (1!) point away from having to spin their OPEN signs around.

What did you find? Comment!


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    Dosa Hutt (next to ganesha temple) 4!
    NEW SARAVANA BHAVAN DOSA HUT (curry hill) anothr 4!
    Franchia 8!
    tiffin walla 9
    Pongal 15
    Madras Mahal 17
    jivamukti – 19 – will get us moksha if they fall any lower-or maybe thats their goal
    guaranteed moksha here on:
    chennai garden 20
    Han Gawi 22 (same fuckin william of franchia runs it -we have to take our freakin shoes off and pay more than franchia for a 22!!bastards)
    Dhaba (Lexington) XXXV!
    Copper Chimney (right across from tiffin wallah and twice as costly!) – XXXXIX
    if i dig in anymore i’ll have to starve for the rest of my lunch life

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    Settle down… you have to take these rating with a grain of salt some times. If a bathroom is in beween a lunch and dinner shift when the inspector comes in and the bathroom is missing a roll of toilet paper at the moment, they could get whacked with about 20 points right there. There’s even a lot of ambiguity in the descriptions of what the violations really are.
    I’m not saying to disregard them, but to come across the way you are sriram, makes you look like an idiot, especially to anyone who’s worked in the food industry.

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    I’m not shocked at all. I’ve seen how people live in their own homes, so for most people, a restaurant is cleaner.

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    * sorry, meant if a RESTAURANT is in between….

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    Very surprised and disappointed in a lot of these numbers.