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Date This Vegan #2: Beth from Prospect Heights!

Date Beth!

Date Beth!

Date This Vegan” is a regular SuperVegan column in which we feature a reader in the New York metro area who is not only hot and smart, but also VEGAN and looking for love.

Ladies, meet Beth. She’s a 28-year-old vegan residing in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. She pitched a haiku-laden entry our way in hopes of meeting a cute vegan gal.

here’s an idea
cake batter soft serve hell yeah!
thanks supervegan!

haiku gets girl date
girl buys girl vegan soft serve
hey, everyone wins

haikus are precise
paragraphs take far too long
hey! a chick-o-stick!

last one i swear it
this dates gonna rock for sure
woot woot woot woot woot

It took Beth a mere four haikus to outline that rocking date (though you two will need to hammer out who’s treating). If her 5-7-5 skills aren’t enough to inspire you to fire up that email, her bagel toppings of preference are plain tofu cream cheese or peanut butter and agave, she is a forensic social worker, and she has a dog.

Beth outlines who she’s looking for as: “One who possesses nerd and bibliophile tendencies as well as refined taste in music. One who appreciates good pens, goats, jackets, winter hats, nice glasses, old bikes, new bikes, the smell of fall, her dog, other dogs, reminiscing about ‘80s tv shows, making mixed tapes, makes collages for said mix tapes, eating vegan hot wings, Coney Island, cooking, road trips. These are not required, just appreciated – well, except for the dog part, that’s required.” (Lucky you, seems like an easy requirement.)

Beth drinks, but won’t expect you to drink and smokes on rare occasion but accepts that you might have more or less frequent smoking habits.

#1 reason to date Beth: She incorporated “chick-o-sticks” into haiku!

Contact Beth at We encourage you to send her a picture and tell her more about yourself than just your age and what you do for a living. Don’t get blue if Beth doesn’t respond– we imagine her inbox will be overflowing.

Want to learn more about SuperVegan’s “Date This Vegan” column? Want to be featured in the column? Go here to read the fine print and fill out an application, hotstuff.


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    Beth, clean your nose.

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    Hot. Good luck, Beth.

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    Alan, clean your glasses: it’s a nose ring…

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    oops, sorry about that Beth