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Date This Vegan #5: Cait from Boerum Hill

Date Cait!

Date Cait!

“Date This Vegan” is a regular SuperVegan column in which we feature a reader in the New York metro area who is not only hot and smart, but also VEGAN and looking for love.

Fellas, meet Cait. This 26-year-old social media strategist from Boerum Hill is one sassy, sharp lady with looks to boot. Raised in LA’s San Fernando Valley, “with an upbringing somewhere between Clueless and Encino Man, ” Cait’s been in New York for five years, and in that five years, she’s got her list of favorite things down to the ‘t’: “long walks (especially when bridges are involved), minor league baseball, new vegan discoveries, old man sports like shuffleboard, Prospect Park, cook-offs for a cause, the New Yorker, Ninth Street Espresso and Rock Band. I can be counted on to try nearly anything once, as long as it’s not too illegal and won’t bring complete shame on my family.”

Here’s what Cait’s looking for, in her own amusing words: “I’m looking for someone to take on adventures and then curl up with after. Someone who could even take me on an adventure or two. I’m all about learning, so if you’ve got a super-specific wonky interest or just a general subject you’re passionate about, perfect. I’d love to learn more about classic film, Vespas, urban gardening, architecture, vegan chocolates, the blues — you name it, I’m game.

“Ideally, you’d have a great sense of humor, enough style to steer clear of pleated pants, a healthy appetite, sturdy walking shoes, a surprising turn of phrase, the ability to give reassuring bear hugs, a creative streak, curiosity, good references (can’t hurt, right?), and the ability to get down and boogie every once in a while for no real reason but fun.”

Cait doesn’t smoke or drink, and she’d prefer you do the same. (Longevity competition!)

#1 Reason to Date Cait: She will teach you to eat bagels right: “avocado, heirloom tomatoes, and basil leaves with good olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Go California!”

Contact Cait at We encourage you to send her a picture and tell her more about yourself than your age and how you pay the rent. If Cait doesn’t respond, don’t panic! We imagine her inbox will be overflowing.

Want to learn more about SuperVegan’s “Date This Vegan” column? Want to be featured in the column? Go here to read the fine print and fill out an application, hotstuff.

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