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Dodger Dogs

Last time I was in Toronto, I bought a veggie dog or ten from a regular ol’ street vendor for a toonie. Call me simple, but it brought me enormous joy to purchase street unmeats, right there on the sidewalk. Well Angelenos, follow my step-by-step guide and, you too, can buy your very own Not Dog:

  1. Buy a ticket to a Dodger game.
  2. Pay ($15-35) to park your car at Dodger Stadium.
  3. Traverse the appx. 30 minute obstacle course to actually park your car.
  4. Find your way to the concession stand at Level 7, Section 3-5.
  5. If attendance is low, and the Level 7, Section 3-5 stand is closed, don’t give up. Put some hustle in it and go over to Reserved Aisle 24. They should have them.
  6. Pay $6 for a Lightlife Smart Jumbo Dog on a Bimbo Bakery bun.
  7. Consume in three bites.
  8. Repeat steps 6, 7.
  9. Get back in your car.
  10. Make your way out of the parking lot–this may take upwards of an hour.
  11. Stop at Ralphs and buy a package of Lightlife Smart Jumbo Dogs for $3.
  12. If it’s Thursday, head to Vegan Pot-Luck Happy Hour at The Short Stop and tip Julie one of your pups and a toonie.

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