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Does Brooklyn Have Enough Veg*n Muscle To Have A Resturaunt Week?

Today’s Brooklyn Paper heralded that “Vegetarianism is Dead – Long Live Meat”. I would venture to say that most would agree that this is a rather nefarious way to begin an article highlighting the Brooklyn Vegetarian Restaurant Week (ceremoniously titled Brooklyn Goes Veg!). Needless to say, the article does more damage than it does good.

This year finds a total of eight restaurants taking part in the event; last year, nine. Of those participating, only four can count themselves as full-fare vegetarian restaurants. The SuperVegan Resturaunt guide lists Thirty in Brooklyn alone. So this begs the question: Where are all the rest?

Perhaps, the point is to induce non-vegetarian restaurants to serve a veggie menu for the week; I’m unsure.

So. I put the question to you dear readers: From the look of things is Brooklyn Goes Veg! a viable event for the borough? Your comments are appreciated.

Oh, and, if vegetarianism is dead, hopefully it’s because veganism killed it.

Full disclosure: I live in Queens where veg*n options are far from plentiful and SuperVegan has written on this topic before.


  1. Comment by

    Jason Das

    on #

    The logo is a thousand times better than last year’s!

    I still think it’s a potentially good idea, once again vastly underachieved.

  2. Comment by

    Jason Das

    on #

    Oh, and YES: Brooklyn certainly has enough veg*n muscle to have a tremendous, huge, awesome Vegetarian Restaurant Week. Brooklyn Goes Veg just can’t get it done right. It’s nice of them to try, though, and it’s not like anyone else is doing a better job.

    Brooklyn Paper sure has some weird and weak anecdotal journalism going on.

  3. Comment by


    on #

    Veg*nism is very much alive; I look forward to its upcoming roar as the decade closes, and world confronts getting greener.

    Yes, Brooklyn can – and does! – easily support veg*ns. As well, the fledgling BK Goess Veg week may a nice leap in graphic and digital appeal. Now we need to learn how to increase its width and depth, then do it in more ‘hoods around the world.

  4. Comment by


    on #

    Why doesn’t SuperVegan help support this event? I think that if SV were somehow involved in its promotion, it might be more successful. Just a thought.

  5. Comment by

    Jason Das

    on #

    Anthony, we were never asked/invited to be involved. And it’s too late for this year.

  6. Comment by


    on #

    Okay, maybe next year. I guess I assumed that because of SuperVegan’s local bias and goal of doing New York City right, you might have stepped up and tried to help them make this year?s RW more successful for all of us (considering last year’s review).

    As a veg*n, I’m equally frustrated with the selection of participating restaurants for this event and wish there was more everything to this restaurant week. But, as you?ve said before, isn’t just one person running this whole Brooklyn Goes Veg operation? Why aren?t there more people (with some veg*n/vegetarian authority) helping make it a viable event? I?m not putting all the blame on SV, but I?m just sayin’…there?s a lack of support that needs to be addressed before writing aloof reviews.

  7. Comment by


    on #

    hey everyone, i was involved last year and i believe that we need an actual group of individuals to put this thing together. with all due respect to the events coordinator, something this serious should not be run by one person. to her credit, no one else has stepped up, but at this point its kinda difficult without having 10 different veg weeks. we shouldnt be asking permission to be involved or have to wait to be invited. i say next year, a bunch of us insist on being involved and not take no for an answer.

  8. Comment by


    on #

    Veg up or hush up, please?

    I am pretty new to Brooklyn, participated in one of the Brooklyn Goes Veg “8” restaurants listed and it was a great experience. Do I need more than 8 restaurants to choose from? Not really. A few more would be nice but not having them is absolutely not a deal breaker. The goal is for people to know that they have options for a healthy meal choice. Is that not why you are here?

    The leap from the question of the number of participating restaurants to the opinion that event viability should be questioned is suspect to this reader. Is the goal of this website and blog to promote healthy dietary lifestyles or are you here to rip into people who are trying to do just that so you can build traffic to the page by creating controversy? If this event only attracted 10 people, then it?s worth the effort of the people willing to do the work for the rest of us.

    The only sane voice so far seems to be Anthony?not because he defends the event but because he at least realizes that it takes real work to make things grow and, not just lip service. Danny is talking about a takeover. I thought vegetarians & vegans were by nature of our dietary choices supposed to be non-aggressive!

    Reading this from the standpoint of a newbie?I must say that the tone here is self righteous and arrogant?my teenage daughter would call you ?haters.? You need to put your mouth were your intentions (really) are and volunteer your time and energy rather than laying the seeds to break down doors in 2009 and assume control. Can?t we all live in harmony with nature and one another? Hope so.

  9. Comment by


    on #


    Maybe you should read some other posts before assuming anything about this site, or veganism in general for that matter. If you don’t like the tone of this site then maybe you should start a website that fits your sensibilities.

    And. As Laura commented about last year’s post:

    “I don’t think it does this community any good for us to mindlessly praise everything without distinguishing what’s genuinely worthwhile from what needs to be improved.”

  10. Comment by


    on #

    While no one seems to think this event is “genuinely worthwhile”, no one is offering any suggestions for improving the event either. Has anyone contacted the coordinator directly to ask why the event has “low” participation?

    Does every veg*n restaurant in Brooklyn need to participate in order for the event to be “genuinely worthwhile”?

    I emailed her about the event, asking what the deal was. She seemed open to sharing her point of view. She told me that she mails a letter to every restaurant, along with a follow-up email. She said last year she was able to do more foot/phone patrol – visiting and calling some of the restaurants, but was too busy with other commitments this year to do that.

    She also said she put out a couple of posts for volunteers, but the two or three that stepped forward did not follow-through.

    By the way, what is the “tone” of this site supposed to reflect? Jjames’ comment to Jean supports her opinion that the tone here is self-righteous and arrogant. Everyone else was allowed to make assumptions about the event and the coordinator, but Jean couldn’t have an opinion about the site?

    This site should probably be called “Snarky Vegan”.

  11. Comment by


    on #

    SuperVegan, sometimes you sound just like my mother.

    Listen, I don’t think it does this community any good for us to mindlessly bitch and complain about everything without providing some examples of what needs to be improved. Such as…

    1. Inform a Brooklyn vegetarian restaurant you enjoy going to that this event exists and you would like for them to be a part of it next year. Maybe even pass along the website –

    2. Offer Melissa (the organizer) some help in marketing this event in anyway you can (putting up posters, word of mouth, flyers, etc). Her email is

    3. Offer some suggestions on how you would like to see restaurant week organized. Should there be a pre-fixed menu? Discounted items on the menu? Are non-vegetarian restaurants included?

    4. Share your thoughts on what specifically is not working for you. I for one would like to see some PICTURES of the food…or at least some prominent menus of what will be offered during the week. Maybe even a little write up about each restaurant? I’m sure some photo and writing majors could join forces for that one. I’m sure there are plenty that read this blog.

  12. Comment by

    Get Cut Fast

    on #

    The idea they had might have sounded good back when it was in development but it does ring out of tune. Back to the drawing board.