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Don’t let your Tofurky get moldy!

This Brooklyn guy loves his Tofurky!

This Brooklyn guy loves his Tofurky!

Even though it’s nearly a week after Thanksgiving, I’m sure lots of us have Tofurky on the verge of molding in our fridge or cast away to a frost bitten future in the freezer. I don’t blame you. Who can eat the same campy Holiday loaf day after day? The irony gets lame when you wake up around 2PM on Sunday to eat your third Tofurky sandwich to recover from a long holiday weekend of binge drinking.

Well, I hope that the Tofurky sponsored Leftovers Contest will inspire you to create something great with the scant remnants of your holiday loaf. The grand prize is a bitchin’ new Apple 8GB iPhone!!! Plus, 5 Honorable Mention winners will receive Tofurky care packages that include: Custom embroidered Tofurky bowling shirt, Tofurky lunchbox, Tofurky Jurky, Tofurky baseball cap, coupons and more! Entry deadline is March 15, 2008.

Couch potatoes who prefer watching food production to getting busy in the kitchen should keep an eye out for the Discovery Channel program Modern Marvels, which will soon feature an in-depth look at how Tofurky Deli Slices are made. The episode is tentatively scheduled to air on December 18th, but check network listings as the date approaches to confirm.


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    Hey! Matt and I were also on the box only they didn’t say where we were from. We were right next to this guy!

    Those bowling shirts rocked!