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Don’t Miss Out on VeganMoFo 2012 Just Because We Are

Filed under: Food World Wide Web

Did you know that it’s The Vegan Month Of Food a.k.a. VeganMoFo? If you are a vegan food blogger yourself, or a regular reader of same, you almost certainly do. But for the rest of you, we wanted to drop a note to let you know you’re missing out.

We did MoFo ourselves in 2009, 2010, and 2011, but we’re totally taking a nap this year.

Pull yourself together, readers, and stop weeping over SuperVegan’s non-participation this year. The vegan food blogosphere is doing an incredible job, even without us, with 598 bloggers participating from 24 countries around the world. That’s well over 18,000 posts if they all write every day.

The mothership blog at has been publishing tons of great posts themselves (often rounding up the best of all the participants) and, here’s where I know you’ll cheer right up, lots of GIVEAWAYS! You’ve already missed all kinds of great food, and books about food. Go win the rest of ’em.

We applaud the good people of MoFo and the fine work they are doing. We promise we’ll be back in the vita-mix next year, so in the meantime, go eat lots of delicious things!

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