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Downbound Downsizes

Animal-friendly online retailer Downbound‘s Adam Wilson has launched a new site, 1 Month Challenge, where he and fellow vegan Kimberly Carroll (host of this TV show I haven’t heard of) try to lose weight and build muscle in a one-month challenge. Their results will be posted May 5. As Ryan discusses over at Veg Blog, just ’cause you’re vegan doesn’t mean you’re healthy: vegans can have high cholesterol, too. So watch those crispy nuggets, kids, but don’t worry about the trans fats–those go straight to your arteries, not your thighs.


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    except they both already look very fit. Which is both good and bad for promotion.

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    That is what I was thinking.

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    I was logging in to make the same comment. I feel like a fast one is being pulled here. Why should we root for two already good-looking, fit people who really have nothing to complain about? Other contests of this nature usually depict some “thicker” (ahem) vegans. And one month is a really short time span to expect considerable results. How about a summer-long promotion?

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    There’s a 7-month long project at