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Easter-O-Rama: Dirty Bunnies and Sweet DIY Fun!

Compassion Over Killing exposes the Easter Bunny as a chain smoking, porn-addicted alcoholic who’s made a dirty deal with the Egg Industry in the funniest piece of video activism I have seen in a long time.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want that nasty critter anywhere near my home.

Here are a few DIY ideas for Easter family fun:

If you’re planning to get yourself and the kids high on sugar, you’ve got lots of last minute options. PETA has a list of vegan candies you can find in nearly every drugstore and supermarket. Though the list is hardly comprehensive–my personal favorite Easter candies, Jolly Ranchers jelly beans, are missing–and most of the sweets included are uninspired no-brainers, the guide might remind stressed and rushed candy shoppers of stuff they might have otherwise overlooked.

Making simple Easter treats and decorations as a family is a great alternative to painting dozens of nasty chickens’ eggs that no one (vegan or not) will ever eat anyway. UK’s Vegan Family House has a simple holiday recipes for Chocolate Nests with Tiny Eggs. PETA has very easy to follow instructions for three kinds of eggs to stuff into nests: traditional chocolate eggs, decorated papier mâché and cutesy no-bake clay eggs. VegFamily has several holiday ideas including a few on what to do with those darned plastic eggs once Easter is over.

Feeling ambitious? Try your hand at professional vegan chef Bryanna Clark Grogan‘s top secret recipes for a Cadbury-like Creme Egg and a gazillion other Easter candies, cookies, and miscellaneous treats. (Last year Bryanna had us drooling over her Cinnamon Roll Lamb; this lady’s got lotsa Easter ideas up her apron.) If BCG’s recipe doesn’t do it for you, try Supercarrot’s alternative vegan creme egg recipe.

If the Easter Bunny exposé didn’t totally creep you out, make a cuddly Bunny doll to stuff into a kid’s basket. Craftster has a well-illustrated tutorial on making stuffed creatures. Use cheapo polyester craft felt or terry cloth (old towels are great) to make a hip cruelty-free toy.

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