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Estee Lauder Empties Tank of Seahorses

Filed under: Activism
Male seahorse

Male seahorse

Due to a mechanical failure, several seahorses died from “suffocation” in Estee Lauder‘s aquarium display at Dublin Airport. Dublin-based animal rights group Alliance For Animal Rights (AFAR) held protests outside the aquarium last week. Following complaints, Estee Lauder asked to have the live seahorses removed from their shop display.

The seahorses came from Seahorse Ireland. As a rare, protected species, AFAR wants them to cease and desist supplying seahorses and intends to continue pressuring the group.

Kealan Doyle stated on behalf of the organization, “we are a reputable company and are recognised by the International Seahorse Trust. However, given this unfortunate incident, Estee Lauder took the decision that it would be best if all seahorses were removed from the tank.”

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  1. Comment by

    Eoin English

    on #


    I would like to contact Kealan about possible work experience. I recently completed a 4 year honours degree in Marine Science (2009) and have yet to find any field related work. If you could forward me his contact details or forward this email onto him that would be great.

    Kind reguards,

    Eoin English.