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Even Better (Cause They’re Cheaper) Vegan-Friendly Accessories

Filed under: Apparel Media Shopping
This $1,145 cashmere(?!) Stella McCartney frock is one of W's favorite

This $1,145 cashmere(?!) Stella McCartney frock is one of W‘s favorite “vegan” accessories.

The good people over at W magazine (the periodical for those who deem WWD to have too many initials) shot us an e-mail (they’re fans of ours, heeeey!) with a link to their first ever vegan article! We’d like to applaud editor Dana Wood for pushing cruelty-free friendliness. Awesome!

Now before you get all crankypants about their favorite vegan accessories having an average price of $245, keep in mind that (according to the internet, if it can be trusted) “80 percent of the magazine’s readers are female and have an average household income of $135,840.” I’m gonna go out on a gangly limb here and say that the 80 percent of the 87 people who read SuperVegan are female and make significantly less monies per annum and use their Working Assets credit cards on exciting new foodstuffs, not pricey new pumps (as witnessed by Natalie Portman’s beautiful but cost ineffective shoe line Te Casan’s untimely demise).

However, as I’ve said before, being vegan is no reason to dress badly. In fact, if you do, you are giving us all a bad name, Jerk. I like my fashion just like I like my faux meat–you shouldn’t be able to tell it’s vegan. And part of the hidden charm of this lifestyle choice is that faux-accessories are cheap! So here’s the SuperVegan list of 15 chic vegan accessories that you might actually be able to afford during this economic apocalypse.

  1. Suede Ankle Wrap Ballerina Flats
    $18.40 at

    Plastic shoes? No thanks. Even if they’re sustainable to the environment, feet can not sustain the kind of non-breathability that engenders fungal growth. If you’re in the market for some strappy closed-toe flats, you can choose from black, brown, taupe or a shot of color with purple!

  2. BC Footwear Danke Graphic Slip On Sandal
    $29.95 at

    These flip flops are unique, literally. Made from recycled rice bags, they are incredibly comfortable. They’re like Freitag bags for your feet!

  3. American Eagle Patent Krystal Ruffle Pump
    $22.99 (on sale!) at

    I own two pairs of these, the Champagne of Shoes, and another in black. Whenever I take these puppies out for a whirl I get compliments like crazy from other ladies, who, let’s be honest, is who I really dress for.

  4. Pointed Toe Pump
    $14.99 at

    Some people want to play Grown Up Dorothy. I like to keep it simple (also, a brand of shoes, but pun un-intended). Regardless of whether you’re looking for bedazzled or plain, has an incredibly wide range of man made stilettos.

  5. Reversible Tote

I love Whodini Bags. They are handmade pieces of art to haul your shit around in. Now there are no shortages of tote bags in the world and there are two very different directions your shopping can go here. If you just want to shop like everyone else, damnit, then H&M, Target, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters will have lots to choose from. But let’s face it, we’re vegan, we’re NOT like everyone else. If you are looking for DIY, handmade, or otherwise different set of goods, has 240 pages of search results for ‘black tote.’ Other personal faves include and

  • Missco Clutches

    For some reason I can’t seem to find a decent place on the US internet to buy these bags at the moment (I got mine at Exit 9 on Ave. A), but Missco makes cute, cheap, vegan clutches. Here’s two (Snake Sling Clutch, Fold Over Clutch) you can buy for the price of W‘s one, in Australian dollars which translates to even fewer American ones.

  • Matt & Nat Pebble Sabre Tooth Wallet
    $22.49 (on sale!) at

    These are always on sale, somewhere. I’ve heard people complain that Matt & Nat products don’t hold up well, but I’ve had the larger version of this wallet since 2004 and it’s still lookin’ good. Other vegan wallets out there: Queenbee, Freitag, and Bourgeois Boheme.

  • Shiraleah Elsa Tote
    $44.95 at

    I love a big bag, I love Matt, I love Nat and I love Canadians, but I also love to buy things within my means. I could fit so many different kinds of lip junk and innermost personal thoughts n’ feelings journals in this!

  • Perk Lip Balm
    $4 at

    Coffee flavored vegan lip balm! To go in said bags.

  • Classic Clasp Chain Belt
    $10.80 at

    Michael Kors makes me laugh on Project Runway, but his price tags make me cry at the mall. I find the belt selection at Forever 21, or, Forever 12 as I like to call it for both lysdexic and childish reasons, to be full of cheap trendy ones that no animals needed to die to hold my pants up for.

  • Vegan Treats

    Danielle, when will you publish a cookbook? When?! I’m dyin’ over here in California. Meanwhile, here’s a fabulous map just devoted to all the places that carry Vegan Treats! (Now all we need is to add how much they cost at each place–price wars!)

  • I Am Not A Paper Cup
    $22 at

    This looks like a paper cup, but it’s double walled porcelain with a silicone lid! Paint a Starbucks mermaid on here and nobody’d know except you and your silent judgment.

  • The Nuss
    $50 (on sale!) at

    I love this company and I especially love that they are vegan, super designey, extra comfy and sometimes have huge sale bonanzas. One time I got three pair for $50. Sayin’.

  • BoBo Danu Sneaker Oat
    65 British Lbs. at

    These are about as hippie as I can get behind. They’re made from hemp n junk but the metallic also sorta make them look like they’re from the future so it balances them out. On the pricey side because they come from the other side of the ocean.

  • Toms Wrap Boot
    $98 at

    Who knew that Toms had some vegan friendly shoes?! These are great not only because handsome vegan boots are hard to find (especially red ones, hollah! Though these are also available in a bunch of other hues), but because they believe in the “one for you, one for me” policy. For every pair you buy, they donate a second pair to a child in need. Be careful though, most of Toms shoes contain leather or suede, sigh.


    1. Comment by

      Olivia Lane

      on #

      Andrea, I love your list! I wanna get the Shiraleah Elsa tote! I saw the “I am Not a Paper Cup” travel mugs at the Whole Foods on Union Square in the upstairs cafe, near the vegan biscotti that feels and tastes like an Emory board.

    2. Comment by


      on #

      good work!!! i would buy everything there and i have Very Good Taste.

    3. Comment by


      on #

      This list is great. I didn’t know about the keep company before, and now I want (too) many shoes off of that website. Another great shoe company (out of Brooklyn) is Cri de Coeur, but I usually can’t afford the shoes– however, I just found out that many of their last season styles are now on sale on amazon, if anyone is interested:

    4. Comment by


      on #

      This is an awesome list! Keep Company shoes are wicked comfy!

    5. Comment by


      on #

      Is there any must have list that Vegan Treats shouldn’t be on? Yum. But Danielle, please no cookbook; I don’t want to ruin the mystique: I just want to keep trekking to Bethlehem every other week. Thanks for all the goodies (and the chair from your table last month).

    6. Comment by


      on #

      Thanks for this list! Today looks like it’s going to be a slow day at work, which calls for some online shoe shopping. Thanks for the great links.

    7. Comment by


      on #

      this list is awesome!

    8. Comment by

      Minion of Seitan

      on #

      Great list! Anyone want to do one that is also tilted towards clothes for men?

    9. Comment by


      on #

      Thanks for a great article! Just found these awesome gladiators at Walmart…all man made materials and under 20 bucks!

    10. Comment by


      on #

      Very vegan chic selections! I’ve bookmarked every item you listed!

    11. Comment by


      on #

      Hello Vegans!

      Does any know what is Premium Suede?

      looking forward to a reply.

    12. Comment by

      Jason Das

      on #

      Uh, premium suede is mammal skin, prepared in a certain fashion. It’s never vegan.