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Events up the wazoo

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ATTENTION, EVERYONE: We’ve updated the shiitake out of our NYC events calendar, where we post all the super duper vegan events in and around NYC, notices of book and movie releases, announcements of restaurant openings, and all sorts of stuff you care about. Our calendar can be your calendar; click! and it’s in iCal, or select the event on the calendar page and add it to your Google calendar. You can also receive updates via RSS (my fav!) or e-mail, and be alerted the very minute we add an event. Lots of ways for you to be an instant vegan event know-it-all/socialite/activist!

FOR EXAMPLE: If you subscribed to our calendar, you would know that this Saturday, January 23, is going to be insanely jamity packed with events–MFA‘s Celebrating Compassion Gala, 4 Course Vegan’s seven-year anniversary, and author Mickey Z. speaking at Bluestockings. All three events are at basically the same time, so if you want to enjoy all of them, you’ll have to bring a change of clothes and pay off a cab driver to taxi you back and forth and not peek at your hot body in the rearview mirror as you change, and you need to plan ahead for that, so, see, you NEED this calendar!

Besides pimping Bluestockings, 4CV, and MFA events, we’ve got goings on at Farm Sanctuary, NYC Vegan EatUP and NYC Vegetarian Meetup, NYC Animal Advocacy Network, and bizillions of vegan cookbook releases coming this spring. If the calendar is missing anything, hit us up!


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    on #

    Do people ever go to the EatUp’s alone? Are people usually receptive to newbies or is it like, walking up to a table full of close friends?

  2. Comment by

    Jason Das

    on #

    Kayla, I’m pretty sure that the whole point of EatUps is for newbies to meet each other and the old-timers who like meeting newbies. I’ve never been to one, but my sense has always been that they are definitely geared towards and welcoming to new people!

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    Kayla, old timers like me and newbies are all welcome faces at our events!