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Everything We Wanted to Know About the NYC Veggie Prom And Weren’t Afraid to Ask

The NYC Veggie Prom 2010 is tomorrow night, Friday May 14th at Littlefield in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Doors at 8pm. The event is 21+. Tickets are $10 in advance, $15 at the door.

Team SuperVegan put together some questions for event organizers Jessica Mahady, DJ Lil Ray (of Vegan Drinks fame), and Robyn Lazara.

SuperVegan: Do people have to dress up fancy?

DJ Lil Ray: It’s highly encouraged, but certainly not required. Theme parties are more fun when everyone plays along, but we’re not haters.

Jessica Mahady: People are wearing all kinds of things … ’80s prom attire, ’60s vintage …

SuperVegan: What kind of music will you be playing?

DJLR: We’ve gotten requests for ’80s and ’90s dance music. DJ iLan and I both love all kinds of music, so we’ll probably touch on party classics from a number of eras. We’ll have a little Top 40, probably some Motown, Disco, and Funk … music that makes everyone feel good!

SuperVegan: Will there be a prom king and queen?

DJLR: Heck yeah!

JM: Nominations for prom court closed on Wednesday. All of the nominees will wear a special “Veggie Prom Court” ribbon so everyone knows who they are. Our emcee, Michael Parrish DuDell of Ecorazzi and VegDaily, will introduce the court about halfway through the party. Voting will then open, and the court will be crowned before midnight!

SuperVegan: Tell us about the vegan desserts that will be available.

Robyn Lazara: We have local businesses making delish donations, including Terri, Rescue Chocolate and Raw IceCream Company, plus a team of volunteers (including former Veggie Conquest chefs) all teed up with egg replacer to bake away for us.

It’s also worth mentioning that restaurants in the neighborhood are having fabulous dinner specials on prom night. Sun-in-Bloom will have 10% off their menu. V-Spot will have 2-for-1 drinks and appetizers, plus 10% off the rest of the menu, and they will stay open for us ’til 2am!

SuperVegan: Will all the booze be vegan?

JM: We’ve briefed Littlefield’s bartenders on which of their drinks are vegan (lots, including 15 vegan beers!), and they will be selling vegan White Russians!

SuperVegan: Do you need a date? Is this a good event for singles?

DJLR: No date required! Singles are welcome and, who knows, maybe you’ll find your veggie king or queen on the dancefloor.

SuperVegan: How many people will be there?

JM: About 100 have RSVP’d yes on Facebook. We’re expecting 150-200 veggie-loving peeps in all!

SuperVegan: You’re having a raffle to benefit Mercy for Animals. What are the prizes?

RL: We have some fantastic prizes! Prizes from Arbonne, Veggie Conquest judge Yoli Ouiya, Rescue Chocolate, Dan Piraro, Vaute Couture, Humanitaire, Organicville, Lantern Books, jewelry from talented activists Ruth Santana and Kate Wolff, gift certificates to Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe, Lula’s Sweet Apothecary, Moo Shoes, Caravan of Dreams, Curly’s, Sun-in-Bloom … and a signed Veggie Prom poster by amazing artist Michelle Cavigliano!

SuperVegan: The overwhelming majority of SuperVegan staffers skipped our own high school proms. Why should we come to this one?

DJLR: Your high school prom DJs probably weren’t this cool.

JM: And your high school prom didn’t have vegan desserts or a bar.

SuperVegan: If someone isn’t vegan, will they go to a hotel afterward and experience their first vegan weiner?

DJLR: Eeewwwwwww! Super Vegan, why are you so gross?


  1. Comment by


    on #

    Oh ha, the vegan weiner question is hilarious!
    Not to be a hater, but shouldn’t this be a “Vegan” prom as opposed to a “Veggie” one?
    Just kidding!

  2. Comment by

    Jeff Z

    on #

    Will vegan condoms be provided? It is the responsible thing to do, after all.