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Fake Meat Store in Sunset Park Brooklyn?

Do you want to know what the problem with fake ‘meat’ is? It’s too delicious!*. Some people have mad beef with meat analogs, I don’t. (see what I did there? Ha!) The way I see it, if it tastes good and is vegan then it’s going in my belly.** My May Wah membership card can attest to that.

According to the Village Voice there’s store in Sunset Park, Brooklyn that caters to the fakers. It’s called Tian Yuan Veg Inc. Apparently they have a nice array of odd products (veggie Mouth Breeder Fish anyone?). Apparently they’re not all vegan. Apparently I’m going to have to go down there and investigate. Here’s hoping they give out membership cards.

*I took creative liberties with this sentence. Some fake meat is gross.
** I just want you to know that I faked it last night. I had the Meatball Parm from ‘sNice.


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    Have you been to this fake meat store in Chinatown yet?

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    @ Guav.

    Sure have dude. I mentioned it my post.

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    Oh jeez, you mean right there in front of me, where you plainly and clearly mentioned it? RIGHT THERE?

    WTF is wrong with me haha

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    Keep forgetting to post this. Flushing has a mock meat importer as well. Super Elephant has a lot of stuff and seems generally cheaper than May Wah but a LOT of their stuff has whey in it.

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    Hi bates,

    I am interested in importing fake meats, it would be good to talk to you, my email is