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Farewell, Madras Café

Vegetable Coconut Korma waves goodbye

Vegetable Coconut Korma waves goodbye

Today’s was, in all likelihood, my last — and I have to say, best — meal at Madras Café, the beloved East Village kosher vegetarian Indian restaurant (that beats the pants off the 6th Street cluster). Reviewer evelinemater tipped us off to the restaurant’s closing, which could happen any time, says owner Manny, and could be as soon as Saturday — eep! If you’re hankering for one of their dosas, a garlic paratha, or some channa saag, get thee to Madras immediately! This is your last chance!

Or maybe not. Manny says he plans to reopen Madras, with the same menu, at some unknown location on Long Island (please be in Farmingdale, please be in Farmingdale). He owns another, non-vegetarian restaurant in Flushing that will remain open.

So tonight I say a tearful Farewell, Madras. Farewell to your creamy coconut korma, your succulent soy chunks, your veggie-packed biryani, your vegan lassis, your spicy coconut chutney, and even your fluffy white rice. Goodnight, Madras. Goodnight sweet Madras!

This is one of Supervegan’s posts for Vegan MoFo 2009.

UPDATE, 11/13: Madras is still open with no update on when they will close. Why do they play with us so?


  1. Comment by


    on #

    Nooooooooooo! I fly into NY on Saturday…will I make it to the EV in time??

  2. Comment by

    Cat Clyne

    on #

    What a bummer! Madras has consistently been in my top 3 best restaurants of NYC list for years! Manny, you will be sorely missed.

  3. Comment by

    Jason Das

    on #

    I love their food so much! This is mighty sad indeed.

  4. Comment by


    on #

    Fuck!! I ate there every time I visited NYC. Long Island?! Ugggh this sucks.

  5. Comment by

    frank language

    on #

    Yeah, I walked by there today and it was still open, so I thought the rumor was unfounded. Fuck?and they were doing so well, I thought. They were the only truly vegan-friendly Indian restaurant around. Fuck.

  6. Comment by

    frank language

    on #

    I ate there last night, and am eating the leftovers now.

    It appears the best way to keep Madras open is go there; the whole reason the owner is threatening to close is that business had fallen off in this recession. If you like Madras?or love it, and would find it hard to live without it?vote with your wallet. If he gets business, he can’t close, right?

    (I plan to go there a few times a week now?who’s with me?)

  7. Comment by

    Sam C

    on #

    I’m in! I went again tonight. They’re just fucking with us now, but I guess I love the mind games.

  8. Comment by


    on #

    We flew in November 5th and immediately went there out of fear it would be closed ASAP.

    Now the dosas are VEGAN right????

    Just asking because I did see a woman walk in with groceries for the place and swore I saw a dozen eggs. I didn’t know what else eggs would be in but I wanted to confirm with you all that they are vegan dosas??

    I thought everything was vegan unless marked with D or something??

    Love the place…………..

  9. Comment by

    Jason Das

    on #

    Never heard of eggs in dosas.