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Fashion Goes Vegan this October in Albany!

On the rare occasion that I watch a fashion show (on TV, not in real time, lest some “extreme” animal activist throw red paint on my faux fur!*), I often think, “That girl’s skinny ass has GOT to be vegan!” But it isn’t. And she’s wearing anally electrocuted minks. Go figure!

But, lo! On October 2, that’s going to change. SuperVegan is proud to be sponsoring a vegan fashion show that’s coming to the Vegetarian Expo in Albany. Nine fine models — six ladies and three dudes — will strut their skinny and/or deliciously toned booties down the runway in designer vegan duds.

The models were selected from a contestant pool by five discerning judges appointed by organizer Kristin Lajeunesse. GirlieGirl Army‘s Chloe Jo Davis, Vaute Couture‘s Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, Cri de Coeur‘s Gina Ferraraccio and Julie Dicterow, and Dan Mims, the creator of the new vegan men’s fashion website The Ethical Man, announced their picks Saturday, August 28. View photos of the models-to-be and their answers to a few questions on vegetarianism and environmentalism, and note that one of them is named Seanathan.

And check this out! They’ll be wearing Vaute Couture clothes and coats, NOHARM shoes for the dudes, Cri de Coeur shoes for the dudettes, and Cherry Berry handbags.

Mandi Hoffman of Chic Vegan (a fun and smart vegan fashion blog! read it!) will emcee the show.

This year’s expo–speakers and exhibitors posted on the site, check it!–runs 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Empire State Plaza in Albany on October 2. Admission is free; a $5 donation is suggested. A screening of Forks Over Knives will follow the Expo at 5:30 p.m. Seating is limited and a $10 donation is required in advance.

*Me, wear fake fur? As if!


  1. Comment by

    purple rock

    on #

    Why “That girl’s skinny ass has GOT to be vegan!” ? We come in all shapes and sizes!

  2. Comment by

    Julie Varughese

    on #

    I’ll be going there. Anyone want to offer a ride that morning? I live in Yonkers, right off I-87. :)

  3. Comment by


    on #

    As one of the models selected for the show, I am soooooo hyped for this (well, I would be even if I weren’t selected as a model!). I hope tons of people come–the brands are fantastic and this is pretty monumental. The more attendance and coverage, the better. Who knows what may be in store for next year…a show at the Lincoln Center? Imagine the coverage vegan fashion would get if it had a spot reserved smack dab in the middle of NY Fashion Week. I have so much hope that change is a comin’. Maybe a day where big-name designers (aside from the wonderful Stella McCartney, of course) regularly use leather alternatives is not so far away. Crossing my fingers. Companies like NoHarm, Cri de Coeur, and Cherry Berry certainly demonstrate the fact that you needn’t use animal skins to create high-quality, stylish products.

  4. Comment by

    Sam C

    on #

    @purple rock
    we do! but i’ve found it’s way easier to be rail-thin if you’re vegan than if you’re chowing down on bacon and eggs!

  5. Comment by


    on #

    Why are we encouraging rail thin in the first place?

  6. Comment by

    Sam C

    on #

    @ food!
    no one is encouraging that!

    though it IS curious that so many of the models chosen are on the super-skinny side.

  7. Comment by


    on #

    Hi Sam–
    If you take a look at the contestants, you’ll see that most who entered were slim. The judges could really only pick slim when they had slim to choose from.
    Me, I think I’m probably the heaviest female model for the show, as a size 4/6 at 5’8″. This is my healthy weight with moderate exercise and ample (but generally healthy food) eating. If I weren’t at a ridiculously intense college, I would probably be a size 2/4, but the stress kills me and leaves me less time to exercise than I’d like. As someone who wants to work in the fashion industry and dealt with an eating disorder before I was even a teenager, I am soooo for a realized (not merely discussed) change in super-skinniness idealization. But like you said in comment 4, Sam C., a vegan diet, unless you’re insane and nomming potato chips and brownies all day, makes it really easy to keep fairly slim, especially if you work out. That is why, I assume, so many of the ladies and gents who entered (and thus, those that were picked), were slim.

  8. Comment by

    Sam C

    on #


    good point — though i do see a few curvy girls in there, most of the lady contestants are skinny minnies!

  9. Comment by

    fat vegan

    on #

    The assumptions you make on what “fat” people eat vs what “thin” people eat are gross and fatphobic. Check yourselves.

  10. Comment by


    on #

    Hi “fat vegan”–I know very well that not all “fat” people eat unhealthily, and no one was insinuating differently in this thread. There are definitely people who eat healthily and still remain overweight or even obese. My own dear mother is one of them. She is a vegetarian herself, and eats very healthily, but her thyroid issues make it almost impossible for her to not be overweight. But the fact of the matter is that food intake is related to weight (duh?), and when you’re filling up on nutrient-dense, lower-fat foods instead of low-nutrient, cholesterol and saturated-fat filled foods, as vegans tend to when compared to their omnivorous counterparts, it is much easier to be not overweight, provided that you are also exercising and have no pre-existing genetic disposition to obesity.
    Also, perhaps, “fat vegan”, we have different definitions of “slim”. I don’t just consider size-2 runway models to be slim, and I hope you don’t either. It’s all relevant to height, body type, and overall healthiness of the person in question.

  11. Comment by

    Stacie Shepp

    on #

    This trend toward vegan fashion is really cool and reminds me of the Dalai Lama quote “Be kind to animals; don’t eat them.” We can now add on, don’t wear them.