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Fast Food Nation Screening and Q&A Thursday

On Thursday, there’s a free preview screening of Fast Food Nation at 9:30am.

Sponsored by the nutrition faculty of Hunter College and the New York Coalition for Healthy School Lunches, the screening will be preceded by breakfast and followed by a Q&A with Eric Schlosser, a snack break (featuring chocolate and vanilla soy shakes from Candle Café, veggie burgers and chili from Better Burger and Josie’s, and pizza from Slice), and a press conference with Schlosser, Marion Nestle, and Michele Simon.

The screening is at Hunter College Brookdale Auditorium, 425 E. 25th St., 212-481-4469. To reserve a seat, call 914-630-0199 or

If you can’t make it on Thursday, the film officially opens Friday. In the meantime, check out Backwards Hamburger and The Meatrix 2.5, and play the Fast Food Nation Game.


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    This was a fabulous event! Great film, great turnout, and so many great people there. I even bumped into people from my workplace who are semi-vegetarian! Plus there was a surprise appearance by Richard Linklater, who joined the Q&A session and panel discussion! Kudos to the wonderful organizers of this event!

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    Too bad there is alot of terrible language in this movie. Or so I have read on commmon sense media. I don’t need to go to see a movie where I will be offended, and I REALLY was interested in this movie. Oh well.

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    frank language

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    Terrible language? You mean Spanish?

    The movie was almost half in Spanish with subtitles, which allowed the Mexican characters to speak their own language; this way, the film will also have broader appeal.

    I don’t know; I didn’t find the language of the film offensive–besides that, I thought it was great that so many “names” would lend support to this project. Other than that, I didn’t think it went far enough to encourage a plant-based diet, but I didn’t find the language of the movie to be a problem.

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    Thank you for replying to my comment. Umm I have’nt seen the movie. I usually check, which says the language is’nt great. I am kinda sensitive, and I don’t like to hear people calling people genitals as a insult, because it’s like cursing your body, it’s a seed planted from a very anti sexual and speciest,homophobic,and sexist culture. I know the idea of this movie is a very smart one, I just feel offended when I hear those things.
    Thanks again for your reply. :)

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    In the end of the film they actually show a cow being slaughtered, start to finish. I’ve seen this a lot of times, but it was so weird seeing it well-lit and from decent angles – obviously undercover PETA videos aren’t the same.