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Foie Gras Ban Falters in Chicago, Gears Up in New York City

Flouting the law and proud of it

Flouting the law and proud of it

Despite foie gras’ being banned for the last five months, some restaurants in Chicago are still serving the stuff, and nothing’s being done about it. A Chicago health department spokesman summed the situation up thusly: “Our mission is to protect human health and not the health of geese and ducks.”

In some eateries, all you have to do is ask for the “special lobster dish.” Other restaurants are simply giving foie gras away for free, like bread and water, since the ordinance bans only its sale.

Hopefully the New York City effort will fare better, though admittedly, it’s not off to a good start, with speaker Christine Quinn coming out against a ban. Nonetheless, the New York City Say No to Foie Gras Campaign is holding its next planning meeting on Thurs., Jan. 18, at 7pm at Jivimukti Yoga Center Cafe, 841 Broadway, second floor, bet. 13th and 14th streets. To find out how you can help, attend the meeting on Thursday or contact Wendy Berner, campaign organizer, at 646-369-6212 or


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    Even if more states ban foie gras, it will probably end up like one of those laws that people just ignore, such as the NY state prohibition on fireworks or the speed limits. In Chicago, they need to lobby for better enforcement of the ban.

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    I think you’re right, the ban is the first step. But we do need to ensure it is enforced. At least it has created more awareness about the issue. We recently discovered a restaurant close to us serving fois gras, and I found that many people simply had no idea how it was produced.