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Free Meals at the V-Spot (But Not For You, You Lousy Vegan!)

If this picture from their website is any indication, the V-Spot needs to fill some chairs! (It can actually be pretty crowded, so plan ahead.)

If this picture from their website is any indication, the V-Spot needs to fill some chairs! (It can actually be pretty crowded, so plan ahead.)

From October 15-19th, Park Slope’s V-Spot is giving away 100 free meals (maximum value of $10, which is maybe not quite a meal at their prices, but still a fat discount!). The catch? Not only can you not be vegan but you are required to have “never tried vegan food before” (whatever that means). I’m gonna guess that rules out anybody who is reading this blog post, but maybe you know someone? Oh, you also have to be at least 14 years old (strange but true, maybe their lawyer made them say that).

The goal is worthy enough on its surface – “to break negative stereotypes people have about vegan food” – but I’ll confess to being a little confused by this promotion. It’s convoluted, hard to enforce, and reinforces the idea that “vegan food” somehow has no crossover with whatever non-vegans eat. Wouldn’t be better to just set up a sidewalk stall every weekend and hand out free finger food and cookies? But hey, if it works, great.

Send all your stingy vegan-food-hating friends and family to the V-Spot this week. Maybe they’ll like it enough to go back there with you for Brooklyn Vegetarian Restaurant Week.


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    This is Danny, owner of The V-Spot. I have to say that there seems to be a bit of negativity in this blog post. Childish comments like “whatever that means” the lawyer comment and so on, which seem to be confusingly unsupportive. The bottom line is that myself and, I hope, many other vegans reading this share a common goal, to spread veganism to as many people as possible because we are doing this because we are disgusted with the way that animals are treated by “everyone else” and we wish that they would see how easy it can be to put a stop to it. Whether you like it or not there are millions of people who wont even consider being vegan, even if they believe in the cause, because they think its too difficult or that the food will be disgusting. I think a better way to write this blog would have been to be hopeful and support the idea of bringing your ignorant non-vegan friend with the chance of changing a couple of minds. Being vegan is not some cool clique, its something real that i want my non-vegan friends to be a part of. I believe that in reality almost every vegan does have a non-vegan friend, so why not try to positively influence some of the people who have just been so stubborn for so long. It seems to me that the person putting up this blog has lost his way a bit and needs to remember why many of us follow this lifestyle in the first place.

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    Jason Das

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    Hi Danny. Yes, I think this is a weird promotion. If I were running a vegan restaurant and wanted to use that as a platform to reach out to non-vegans, this isn’t exactly how I would go about it. That’s all.

    Obviously I really do hope it works!

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    No problem, jason. to explain, this idea started because for the last year and half at least one person a week, literally, has walked/run out of the vspot as soon as they found out it was vegan without even looking at the menu. one day my father decided to stop a group of 3 by offering to pay for their food if they didnt like it. they ate and loved it and then came back 3 more times later in the week. so it seems some people will only try vegan if they are offered it for free and hopefully they will like it and try to incorporate it more into their diet or even consider it as a way of life.

    Thanks for the support.

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    I think it’s a great idea Danny – please post on here and let us know what sort of response you get.

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    The idea isn’t bad but Danny, you need to get it together and improve your actual food. The menu is unappetizing. A better version of sesame seitan can be found a few blocks away at Hunan Delight for half the price. The tofu scramble tastes like what I would imagine cat food to taste like after my cat threw it up. The “steak” is just nastiness. The homefries taste like they’ve been sitting around since Mother’s Day brunch and it’s fall now. I have tried to support the V-Spot but you just keep raising your prices while the food gets progressively worse. So this outreach of yours may just backfire and turn the winner away from veganism for good. Better instead give it to a forgiving chump of a vegan.

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    Knuckles, just because in YOUR OPINION some of the food is not to your liking or that Hunan Delight has a “better” sesame seitan doesn’t mean all the food has been getting progressively worse. I gaurantee that Hunan Delight has plenty of dishes that are just “nastiness” in YOUR OPINION but you still go back, right? Have you tried EVERYTHING on the V Spot’s menu? I fully accept that certain things on every restaurant’s menu will not be to my liking but i can’t hold it against the entire restaurant itself. It’s just unfair. I also think it was a great idea to give out free food to the public. Of course, some of the wording in the advertisement isn’t something Shakespeare would have wrote but cut some slack here. It’s a positive attempt!

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    In the first place “Wow, what a great and generous idea”, but given the nature of SuperVegan, one would automatically assume the nature of the peice was purely sarcastic and not meant to antagonize anyone-especially vegan businesspeople. Just because we’re vegan doesn’t mean we have lost our sense of humor-does it? Don’t be offended Dan, I’m sure about 90% of the rest of us all look up to you. And thanks for your unselfish promotion of vegan food! PS-Even at my favorite restaurants, there is always at least one dish on the menu that I am not fond of (and I am an avid fan of food)and i’m sure it’s the same for everyone.

  8. Comment by

    Laura Leslie

    on #

    Just because we’re vegan doesn’t mean we have lost our sense of humor-does it?

    Yay, NotBuyingIt! gets it.

    People, please turn on your sarcasm detectors when you read SuperVegan.

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    I am a vegan-friendly non-vegan who tried to introduce my partner to a vegan alternative. Unfortunately what we experienced at Vegan Delight was a menu contrived to be as “mainstream” faux-meat as possible (seitan “chicken”, etc.) along with an obviously don’t-care staff that led us (after 10 minutes of being ignored) to listen to our pallets and leave without ordering. I think we wen’t down the street and had beans and rice at Los Pollitos. But if I’ve got your attention, Danny, please understand I want you to succeed. In my experience, veganism or any alternative diet works best when celebrating its differences, waking people up to different tastes (which New Yorkers are hungry for) not promoting meat-free “meat” as if to say “We’re not that weird…really!” Lose the seitan and tofu heavy platters and build on the strength that comes with being different. We’ll be watching the menu and I hope I can talk my totally turned-off paterner into coming back.

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    I must have dyslexia, I cross-wired V-Spot with Hunan Delight, antoher local restaurant to come up with Vegan Delight. Just confirming I AM talking about V-Spot. Must be the influence of … SEITAN!

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    I have to agree, and I don’t think trying to get non-like minded clientele will help the restraunt’s image. The slope is already full of gym bunnies an fashionistas, is that really what you want to bring more of in? My partner and I used to love coming here but the atmosphere is becoming more douchee everyday. If so, I think I’d rather head to the lower east to get my eats.