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German Federation State Hessen Attempts to Ban Ritual Slaughter

Danke Karl-Winfried!

Danke Karl-Winfried!

A recent initiative through Parliament in Hessen, a federation state of Germany, is asking for animals facing ritual slaughter (called schächten in German) to be stunned before throat-cutting. After an unsuccessful attempt in 2005, state secretary Karl–Winfried Seif is determined to make a change: “Animals are creatures that are able to suffer and feel pain. Substantial suffering through ritual slaughter must be excluded.”

Ritual slaughter is an ongoing international controversy. Countries such as Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and parts of Austria require stunning prior to slaughter, while Denmark, Finland and the lower Austrian provinces require stunning right after the killing.

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    Attacking Jewish and Muslim methods of slaughtering animals does not advance the rights of animals.

    Properly conducted (and to what extent is the captive-bolt method properly conducted) slitting an animal’s throat does not cause more suffering than a captive bolt. One need only ask the husbandry movement’s darling Temple Grandin about this one. But more importantly, there is no reason so single out one method of slaughter over another. From an animal rights perspective, slaughter is slaughter. We’re not in the business of advocating gas chambers over knives. (Nevermind that that actually happened.)

    The animal rights community above all needs to condemn these types of attacks for what they are — ways to perpetuate anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic sentiment. Trying to pass off this kind of law in the name of animal rights is sickening. If Karl–Winfried Seif is so concerned about the welfare of animals, he can start by not eating them.