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Get Your NYC Vegan Thanksgiving Info Here!

New York City is a paradise for vegans on Thanksgiving. Choose from the options below, and do make your reservations soon–these places fill up fast!

Angelica Kitchen is offering a $50 five course prix fixe menu.

Blossom has a $68 four course prix fixe menu, while Cafe Blossom offers three courses for $58.

Candle 79‘s four course prix fixe is $69, while sister restaurant Candle Cafe gives you four courses for $52, plus a la carte options.

Caravan of Dreams will serve a three course dinner for $22.

Counter‘s got a $45 four course prix fixe, plus an optional $30 wine pairing.

Curly’s will be serving a $24.95 prix fixe menu. You can choose between soy turkey or maple-baked ham for your entree, plus a variety of sides.

Foodswings is offering their menu for $15 in advance or $18 at the door; Freedom posted the menu here in our forum.

Organic Grill will have a special Thanksgiving menu; you can choose between a tofu turkey or stuffed squash entree for $14.95, plus pick from a variety of Thanksgivingy sides.

Chef Ouiya has both prix fixe and a la carte options for delivery or pick up. Check out the menu here and make sure to get your order in by midnight Sunday Update: Wednesday at 10pm for Thursday delivery(!) or pickup (according to yolisekhmet in the comments).

Pure Food and Wine will be serving a fancy schmancy four course prix fixe for $72. I almost want to go here just to see how they justify offering the most expensive vegan Thanksgiving meal in NYC.

Red Bamboo will be serving their regular menu and a $20 Thanksgiving prix fixe menu. If you’re going out of town on the day itself, Red Bamboo Brooklyn will offer their $19.95 three course prix fixe after 4pm on Thanksgiving Day as well as on the Tuesday and Wednesday before.

‘sNice and ‘sNice Brooklyn are both closed Thanksgiving day, but we recommend you stop by in the days before or after to try their awesome Thanksgiving Leftovers sandwich.

Next to its “normal” Thanksgiving dinners for eight or twelve, WholeFoods offers that same old Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner for one. For $19.99, you get curried apple pumpkin soup, a holiday roast stuffed with wild rice and dried cranberries, green beans with almonds, a mini pecan tart, and a firm reminder that the world considers you an isolated freak.

Also, if you’re stuck attending a non-vegan Thanksgiving, you may want to pass along these tips if you’re lucky enough to have a host who wants to accommodate you. Good luck!

UPDATE 11/24/08: It’s Vegan Thanksgiving Week at Perelandra. Fresh seitan and gravy, stuffing, garlic roasted smashed potatoes, pumpkin tofu cheesecake and other holiday-ish foods every day this week. (Probably not in quantity enough to cater your banquet, but perfect if you’re dropping by for lunch.)

If we’re missing anything good, please let us know!

Are you bypassing the whole restaurant thing and cooking your own Thanksgiving meal? We’d love to hear what you’re making; please share your favorite recipes and food ideas in the comments.


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    Harvard Staffers were planning to visit NYC on Saturday. A tofu block’s chance in Wasilla, Alaska, of getting us there two days early. [If you haven’t yet heard of it:,_Alaska%5D

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    Heard the KCRW’s Good Food interview with SuperVegan on surviving Thanksgiving with carnivores! You can listen on Good Food’s podcast, which nicely balances foodie segments with veggie/vegan options thrown in.

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    It’s really disappointing that Good Food tacked a non-vegetarian recipe below Patrick’s bio. I’m going to send them an email about it right now!

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    I love that Caravan’s meal is cheaper than Curly’s.

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    Stacy D

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    I called Vegetarian Paradise 2 on West 4th (I tried their fake turkey there before, it’s pretty good) and they’re open all day, they said just to call when you want your order and you can pick it up, so I’ll be picking some up to bring home. I’m an eat-in on Thanksgiving kinda girl, so this works.

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    Ouiya is accepting dinner orders until wednesday at 10pm for thursday delivery or pickup