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Getting out the humane vote

Wayne Pacelle is way hotter than the WSJ's stipple drawing makes him look.

Wayne Pacelle is way hotter than the WSJ’s stipple drawing makes him look.

I didn’t bother linking to this on Tuesday because I didn’t think anyone could read it without a Wall Street Journal subscription. DawnWatch demonstrated otherwise, and well, better late than never:

Read a really neat profile of the Humane Society of the United States’s forays into electoral politics. (This link is likely to expire soon.)

Be sure to check out the infographic detailing how much more the HSUS is spending on electoral politics, and how much more bipartisan their spending has become.


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    Has HSUS no sense of decency? They campaigned for countless Republicans including Santorum (R-Pa.) and Allen (R-Va.). Thank god they both lost! Thank god Democrats won control of Congress.

    One wonders, did HSUS endorse Santorum because he came out against “man on dog” sex (when he was equating it to queer sex — which he is also against)?

    Um, but aside from the queers, there is that little matter of THE WAR.

    HSUS cannot get away with campaigning for reactionary people just because they are a “single-issue” group.

    HSUS support of candidates like these comes back to bite us in the form of things like the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. “Wisconsin Republican Rep. Tom Petri — a lawmaker who hopes to make the USA-PATRIOT Act permanent and the very person who introduced the House version of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act — was endorsed in 2004 by the Humane USA PAC.” Read more great analysis here:

    Animal rights is not about cruelty. These Republicans who “love” (but don’t respect) animals have no clue about animal rights or progressive social change. The animal rights movement cannot afford to be a single-issue movement.

    Am I the only one who is nauseated by this?

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    I do agree with what you wrote. We should endorse our political candidates for ALL the right reasons. Tunnel vision is dangerous.

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    This definitely makes me uncomfortable. But it’s a complex strategy debate. Here are some pieces written about it, in the context of other single-interest groups.