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Giving Up Birds for Lent

Bipasha Basu

No chicken for her.

The onset of bird flu is making people do unheard of things around the globe. In Kerala, India, according to RXPG News, Christians, who make up a fifth of the population in the south-western state, are going to mark Lent, which begins on February 27, by actually giving up something: in this case, eating chickens. Meanwhile, airlines in India are removing chicken from their menus and beefing up, as it were, their vegetarian options. In fact, says The Statesman, Jet Airways and Air Sahara have removed all meat and eggs, except a few mutton dishes, on their flights. Better not tell them about scrapie.

Not to be outdone, Bollywood stars are also chucking chickens: “I’m not eating chicken or eggs,” says Bipasha Basu (pictured) in Mid-Day. “Anyways, I am more of a fish eater.” The only star not finding reasons to examine their diets a little more deeply is Bhushan Kumar, a producer: “I have heard about the bird flu and it’s very sad that it’s taking so many lives. I am a pure vegetarian and as a precaution I have started eating at 100 per cent vegetarian places and at home only vegetarian food is cooked.” Sounds a sensible plan, bird flu or no.

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