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Glee’s Lea Michele Is Confusing Me

Lea Michele, star of stage, television’s Glee and mini-Streisand ingenue please make up your mind – you’re confusing me!

Look, I’ll admit it. When it comes to my life’s personal trajectory, I look to the stars. Not astrology, silly! Celebrities! Their trials, tribulations and triumphs act as my own personal eight ball – the rudder that steers the Rudy-boat on this river called life. When they shine, you can find me emanating success like a thousand glow sticks at a 90’s rave. And. Well. When they’re having problems. You should see my life. I turn into Eeyore at an Emo concert.

Things are usually pretty black and white; A-to-Z one-two-three kinda easy. That was until little Miss Lea Michele, threw a wrench into the works.

One minute the girl was a vegan, then she’s a vegetarian (“Well, I was. I slowly dipped back into cheese.) Then she’s back to being a vegan. (“I’m a vegan,” Lea tells OK!. “It makes me feel really good and bright.”) Then she’s a macrobiotic vegan who eats fish. (Wait. Did she just say that? ) All the while being a PETA spokesperson.

Lea Michele, please get your life in order. Because, after all and in the end, Veganism only counts when you’re a celebrity. And, if you can’t get that right you just make things complicated for those of us in the trenches who care about the actual definition and what it means to be vegan.

And, seriously, can Rachel just get with Finn already?


  1. Comment by


    on #

    Thank you! So frustrating. Don’t call yourself a vegan if you aren’t, Mark Lea Michelle Bittman!

  2. Comment by

    Lindsay Retos

    on #

    She has decided to try out a vegetarian lifestyle after really wanting to genuinely be a help to animals. She has been a meat and cheese eater for years. I can totally understand how hard it would be to totally be vegan you know? It may be easy for you, but for her this is a huge decision. At first she probably was incredibly strict, but after a while she naturally started really missing some of her favorite foods. There is nother wrong with taking a stand but realizing your limits. Life is short and you have to be happy with your choices throughout. Don’t put the girl under a microscope and worry about what you eat.

  3. Comment by


    on #

    I am in agreement with what Lindsay Retos said – it’s a huge decision for anyone to give up a diet they’ve had for year (which she probably ate well in anyway) to aid in her beliefs when it comes to animals. The vegan lifestyle is hard to live up to anyone has to admit that. And when you’re working as many hours as this girl does it must be the hardest thing to resist the craft table to have a usual snack the rest of her friends are chomping away on. Cheese is especially one of those things that just goes with most things so I can see how easy it would be to start nibbling on that again and if she wants to eat fish let her eat fish, it’s not like she’s chopping up dolphins! i think if cheese and fish are the only real things she slips on then bravo to the girl – she’s way ahead of me I’m still trying to figure out if I could even do a quarter of what she’s done with changing her life like that.